DNR seeks public comments for new well construction in Glenwood City

MADISON, WI — The City of Glenwood City is a loan applicant for funding through the SDWLP to address deficiencies in their public drinking water system. The project is for construction of a new well (Well No.4), connecting watermain to the distribution system and abandonment of the Well No. 2.

These types of actions normally do not involve significant adverse environmental effects and the Department has made a preliminary determination that no further environmental analysis is needed before proceeding with funding the projects.

The Department is soliciting public comments regarding this decision and potential impacts of these projects.

Written or verbal comments are encouraged. Provide comments to Jim Witthuhn, Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater, Department ofNatural Resources, Box 7921, Madison, Wisconsin, 53707, (608) 267-9659 by February 22, 2017.

Based on the comments received, the Department may prepare an environmental analysis before proceeding with the funding process. The analysis would summarize the Department’s consideration of the impacts of the project and reasonable alternatives.