Glenwood City, Boyceville musicians participate in Dunn-St. Croix Honors Band and Choir

PLUM CITY — The best high school musicians throughout the Dunn-St. Croix Conference once again renewed their friendships and a long-running tradition when they gathered in Plum City on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

The Dunn-St. Croix All-Conference Honors Band and Choir Festival marked its 39th year this past January as 218 student musicians and 18 instrumental and choral directors, including a guest conductor/clinician, from nine conference schools melded at Plum City High School on Saturday, January 28 for an afternoon filled with outstanding musical performances. The collaboration included students from Boyceville, Colfax, Durand, Elk Mound, Elmwood, Glenwood City, Mondovi, Plum City and Spring Valley.

Glenwood City and Boyceville were once again well represented in the annual Dunn-St. Croix Music Honors Program.

Glenwood City, in particular, sent a large selection of student musicians. Glenwood City had 55 or nearly a quarter of the students that participated in the 2017 event. 33 Hilltoppers comprised the 105-member band and 22 were participants of the honors choir, which was 113 voices strong.

Boyceville had eight, one musicians in the band and seven vocalists in the choir.

Started in 1979, the Dunn-St. Croix Honors Project was a way of bringing together the finest musicians in the conference. From its inception, the main philosophy was to have students from different schools work toward a common goal of cooperation and excellence rather than competing for first place. Even through conference realignments, this group of schools has remained dedicated to this goal as the Dunn-St. Croix Music Association.

For the past quarter of a century, a guest conductor/clinician led a portion of the Honors Music Festival. This year the Dunn-St. Croix Honors Choir was under the direction of Carolyn Loney, who conducted the choir’s five musical selections. Loney, who served as the honors choir director for the second time in her career, has taught vocal music in the River Falls School District since 2001. Prior to that, she taught in the Osceola Schools for seven years.

The Honors Band also performed five musical selections and were under the direction of Glenwood City’s Matt Lamb, Spring Valley’s Dinna Schwartz, Boyceville’s Diane Vig, Jamie Mills of Elmwood and Kevin Peterson from Durand.

Selection to the Honors Band or Choir is based on an application process that measures student musical achievements through participation and involvement in a wealth of musical activities that include solo and ensemble festivals and previous honors groups. The application is combined with their music director’s recommendation to complete the process. The following area students were selected to the Dunn-St. Croix Honors Band and Choir.

Glenwood City

Choir: Biridiana Leandro-Mendez, Soprano I; Kelsey Magsam, Soprano II; Emma Scholler, Soprano II; Maggie Wallin, Alto I; Kaylie Scalze, Alto I; Olivia Scalze, Alto I;  Elizabeth Wink, Alto II; Jatelyn Johnson, Alto II; Hanna Strehlo, Alto II; Dillon Hierlmeier, Tenor; Tanner Davis, Tenor; Owen Wagner, Tenor; Connor Olson, Tenor; Lane O’Meara, Tenor; Hadin DeSmith, Tenor; Collin Schone, Tenor; Jacob Nadeau, Bass; Stephen Olson, Bass; Jacob Traynor, Bass; Peter Hill, Bass; Dan Loring, Bass and Gavin Samp, Bass.

Band: Tressa Peskar, Flute I; Melina Schultz, Flute I; Kaitlin Lee, Flute II; Taylor Drinkman, Clarinet I; Olivia Janson, Clarinet II; Michaela Nyhus, Clarinet II; Becca Peterson, Clarinet III; Erin Davis, Clarinet III; Cortney Lawson, Bass Clarinet; Sam Nelson, Bass Clarinet; Delaney Quinn, Bass Clarinet; Alexis Rassbach, Contra Bass Clarinet; Will Rosenow, Alto Saxophone I; Abby Kremer, Alto Saxophone II; Leah Magsam, Alto Saxophone II; Bryce Fayerweather, Baritone Saxophone; Ethan Kahler, Trumpet I; Matt Bauman, Trumpet I; Daimen Shaleen, Trumpet I; Riley Berends, Trumpet II; Jack Hindes, Trumpet II; Ethan Hansen, Trumpet II; Alex Holldorf, Trumpet III; Ally Motz, Trumpet III; Tom Rosenow, Trumpet III; Taylor Mortel, Trombone I; Bradley Kessler, Trombone I; Alexys Curvello, Trombone II; Will Owen, Trombone III;  Mae Buttles, Euphonium; Nicholas Melendrez, Tuba; Allen Croes, Percussion and Nyah Anderson, Percussion.


Choir: Lexi Schmidt, Soprano I; Brooklyn Danovsky, Soprano I; Ali Fenton, Soprano II; Hope Hendrix, Alto I; Hannah Wyss, Alto II; Damien Waller, Bass and Luke Knudtson, Bass.

Band: Maxwell Engel, Trombone I.