Glenwood City Council has very short meeting

The Glenwood City Council spent about a quarter of an hour on regular business before moving into a closed session to discuss employee wages and benefits.

During the open part of the meeting they approved a new three-year contract with Owen Assessing, LLC to do the assessing for the City. The contract will cost the city $6300 a year. Mayor John Larson commenting that at the end of the contract, the city might be looking at a reassessment.

The council accepted the recommendation from the Public Works Committee not to make any changes to the City’s truck parking ordinance, with council member Steve Lee saying, “Why change anything, it’s good as it is.”

After the City Council moved from closed session to open session, a motion was made by Lee and second by Terry Klinger, to restructure the police officers retirement package.

The city has been paying one hundred percent of the officer’s contribution to the Wisconsin Retirement Fund, which amounted to 17.6 percent of their wages.

Moving forward the city will move to an employee, employer share into the fund by which the city will pay 10.8 percent of the police officers wages, plus the officer will pay 6.8 percent into the retirement fund, which is under the state retirement guidelines.

The city will also increase the wages of the present officers by 6.8 percent.