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Off The Editor’s Desk – 10-12-2016

Worst candidates ever!

I watched the debates of the Vice Presidential candidates last week and then the Presidential candidates Sunday evening. What a week it was! I was impressed with the performance of Republican candidate Mike Pence during the Vice Presidential debate. I wished he were the candidate for President.

But then, the bottom fell out of the Trump campaign last Friday with the revelation that he said some very bad things about women. And, that was followed by the release of information about Hillary Clinton’s high-priced speeches in which she told the American public one thing and bankers another thing including her desire to have open borders.

Trump’s “Locker Room” comments was a shock to hear, but after thinking about it, he says what he thinks and I wondered how many of us guys have said some sort of joke or comment like that? I am not defending Trump. What he said was wrong and he knew it was at the time.

Could we as a nation of over three hundred million people, have not found two better people to serve as our leader for the next four years?

I had to watch Sunday night’s debate, over watching the Packers play. Most of the time in the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was spent insulting each other. I wanted to hear what the candidates had to offer on the issues facing our country. Hillary will raise taxes. Trump says he will cut taxes. Hillary wants to let in some 65,000 refugees from the Middle East immigrate to the United States, Trump does not. Hillary spoke on the women’s right to choose and on alterative energy. Trump hit hard on jobs lost as manufactured goods are produced outside of the United States. Trump said he was putting a hundred million dollars of his own money into the campaign and urged Clinton to put in some of her money so she would not be beholden to those who donated to her campaign.

One of the good things that came out of the debate is that the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) is a disaster, and both candidates agreed on that.

But, how did we get to a place where we have these two running for President? Most people, who voted in the Republican Primaries, liked Trump, because he called a horse a horse and was a new face in the race, and that related to the voters in the primary.

How did we get Hillary in the position to run for president? Well, I blame Ross Perot. Perot was a third party candidate back in 1992, when Democratic Bill Clinton, then Governor of Arkansas, was challenging incumbent President George H. W. Bush for the White House. Perot got almost 19 percent of the total vote in the November election. (He collected 21.5 percent of this state’s votes). Most of those votes, I believe, were votes that Bush would have received, had Perot not been in the race, and that made Bill Clinton the winner. Had that not happened, Bush would have served another four years as president and we would have never heard from the Clintons again.

Although, I think that Trump won the debate Sunday night, if the election were held today, Clinton would win. Clinton will win Wisconsin come November. Trump was scheduled to come to Wisconsin for an event with Congressman Paul Ryan on Saturday. But after the bombshell video hit on Friday, Trump was disinvited. VP candidate Mike Pence was to appear instead. But he did not come to this state. Any hope of a Trump victory in Wisconsin disappeared Saturday. A Republican presidential candidate has not won in this state since Ronald Reagan in 1984.

As I was finishing writing this piece Monday morning, I received a phone call from the Trump campaign asking for a donation to support his election effort. I said that I would not donate. “Are you not supporting Trump anymore?” was the question. I have not supported him was my answer, but I am not going to vote for Hillary either. I am up on the fence on who to vote for. I was reminded that there is only four more weeks until election and that I should help Trump. I declined.

After the call, I questioned myself if I could support one of the other candidates. Gary Johnson, maybe? Jill Stein, never. But what happens when you waste your vote on a third party candidate? Just like I said with Ross Perot, the candidate that you like the least gets elected.

Thanks for reading!       ~Carlton