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Bulldog cross country teams run in invitationals at Rice Lake, Osceola

By Cara L. Dempski

The Boyceville boys’ and girls’ cross country teams  logged plenty of miles last week as they competed in a pair of invitationals. The Bulldogs made the trek to Rice Lake September 13 to take part in a large invitational held on the UW-Barron County campus that featured several teams in division one and two. Boyceville then headed northwest to compete in the Chieftain Invitational in Osceola on September 17.

Rice Lake Invitational

The Bulldog girls finished in the middle of the small-school division, taking eighth out of 16. They were 21st overall against 30 other teams. The boys were ninth out of 17 small teams, and took 23rd against 32 other teams in the overall competition.

Freshman Naomi Hillmann was the first Bulldog across the finish line for the girls. Her time of 22:35.1 earned a 17th-place finish among the small schools and 72nd against the entire girls’ field. Hillmann was followed closely by Emily Voelker, who finished 19th in the small schools and 74th in the large schools with a time of 22:37.9.

According to coach Corey Day, the girls reduced their times by a minute almost across the board at the Rice Lake meet. That is an impressive level of improvement considering two runners, Hillmann and Voelker, are new to cross country this year.

“They have been getting better every race,” Day said of the duo.

Noelle Wheeldon was the next Bulldog girl to finish, running the race in 25:22 and earning 59th among the small schools. She finished 147th in competition with all the female runners at the meet.

Emma Harnisch and Lauren Dominic were the last two runners in for Boyceville. Harnisch finished the race in 22:41.3, which earned her 65th in the small-school division and 153rd overall. Dominic was only four seconds behind Harnisch with a time of 22:45.8. She finished in 66th-place for the small division and 154th overall.

The Menomonie Mustangs won the overall girls team competition, while Colfax won the small-school division. Individually, Anya Swanson of Somerset beat the girls’ field with a time of 19:17.4. Flambeau’s Rachel Lawson won the small-school race with a time of 19:21.8.

Coach Day stated the boys all reduced their race times by 30 seconds to one minute from the previous meet.

“We look to improve every meet as a team, and we did that as individuals and as a team,” Day said.

Kiel Anderson was the first Bulldog to finish for the boys, running with a time of 19:08.9 and finishing 31st among small-school runners and 78th overall. Junior Rian Corr was a shade less than a minute after Anderson, finishing 48th in small-school rankings and 124th against the full field. He had a time of 20:03.5.

Maxwell Engel finished directly after Corr with a time of 20:04.9. This time earned him a small-school placing of 49th and an overall placing of 125th. Bulldog Jerod Nelson finished 60th in the small division and 150th overall with a time of 20:42.1. Ryker Ferg was the last scoring runner across the line for Boyceville. He finished with a time of 21:18.4 to end up 85th among the small schools and 183rd in the field.

Michael Chich and Emmett Kapsner rounded out the boys team for Boyceville. Chich crossed the finish line at 22:25.3 to earn 102nd in the small division and 206th overall. Kapsner was 113th in the small schools and 219th overall with a time of 23:47.8.

The Hudson Raiders won the overall race for the boys, while McDonell Central High School took top honors for the small schools. Maury Miller was the top runner for the boys race, finishing with a time of 16:23.3. Unity’s Alex Binfet won the small-school race with a time of 16:36.5.

Boyceville’s middle school teams also ran at the Rice Lake meet. The boys finished ninth in a field of 12 and had one runner in the top three for the small schools and in the top 10 overall to earn 182 points. The girls were 13th of 13 overall after taking 325 points.

Nathan Corr was the lead Bulldog across the finish line in the race, coming in third for the small-school boys and eighth overall with a time of 11:32.2. Kayden Standaert crossed the finish line at 12:12.1 and earned 20th place, while Samuel Chich was nearly 30 seconds behind him to nab 35th. Elijah Farrell completed his race to earn 73rd with a time of 14:10.1, and Nathanial Chich finished in 79th place after hitting the finish line in 14:24.8. Taylor Burgraf took home 134th for his 17:25 run, and Marcus Wagner ran a 19:01.2 race to nab at finish at 142nd.

Emma Gruenhagen, a sixth-grader, led the Bulldog middle school girls with her 13:53.4 finish to earn 36th place and 32 team points. Seventh-grade student Cadence Kurr finished two minutes later to pick up 75th for the team. Haylee Rasmussen stepped across the line with a time of 15:47.1 to land 93rd place. Nichole Dicks and Emma Chich picked up 109th and 112th on times of 16:44.9 and 16:56.5. Jenna Goodell finished the race in 120th place with her 17:10.5 run.


Small School Varsity Boys: 1. McDonell Central 65, 2. Unity 88, 3. Bloomer 92, 4. Phillips 124, 5. Webster 141, 6. Colfax 172, 7. Drummond 179, 8. Grantsburg 199, 9. Boyceville 262, 10. Glenwood City 287, 11. Hurley 296, 12. Elk Mound 298, 13. Cameron 303, 14. St. Croix Falls 324, 15. Spooner 332, 16. Cumberland 439, 17. Shell Lake 456.

Small School Varsity Girls: 1. Colfax 67, 2. Grantsburg 91, 3. Glenwood City 92, 4. Cameron 127, 5. Elk Mound 144, 6. McDonell Central 179, 7. St. Croix Falls 196, 8. Boyceville 213, 9. Shell Lake 214, 10. Cumberland 247, 11. Webster 255, 12. Hurley 255, 13. Spooner 279, 14. Barron 289, 15. Bloomer 378, 16. Prairie Farm 416.

Chieftain Invitational

On September 17, the Bulldog boys and girls cross country teams attended the Chieftain Invitational held in Osceola. The girls took eighth place out of 11 small schools with 208 points, while the boys were ninth out of 12, scoring 255.

Coach Day said he was pleased to have Shiann Wagner return to the team, as she ran to 29th-place, and led the Boyceville girls, with a time of 23:25.18. Freshman Naomi Hillmann and junior Lauren Dominick were less than a minute behind Wagner, taking 38th and 39th with times of 24:09.87 and 24:12.40.

Noelle Wheeldon, another freshman, was the fourth Bulldog across the finish line, running a 25:26.11 race to take 50th. Emma Harnisch completed the scoring runners for the Boyceville girls with her 53rd-place run in 26:22.58.

Minnesota’s Minnehaha Academy was the winning small-school team, taking home 43 points. Somerset’s Anya Swanson won another individual race, finishing with a time of 19:59.34.

The Bulldog boys were again led by senior Kiel Anderson, who finished the race in 19:48.14 to earn 24th place. The second runner across the line for Boyceville was Rian Corr, who completed the race in 44th place on a time of 20:37.63.

Senior Maxwell Engel ran third for the Boyceville boys, picking up 53rd place for a time of 21:08.3. Another senior, Jerod Nelson, was 64th with his time of 21:49.16. The final scoring runner for the Bulldogs was Ryker Ferg, who ran a 22:28.29 race to finish 70th.

Junior Emmett Kapsner and senior Michael Chich ended up with 81st and 83rd places on times of 24:29.06 and 25:05.54. Casey Owen and Brennan Wheeldon also ran for Boyceville, picking up times of 29:59.61 and 36:58.15.

As with the girls, the winning boys team belonged to Minnehaha Academy. Webster’s Andrew Ruiz ran to an individual first place with a time of 17:51.16.

Overall, Coach Day said, “It was a good effort and we were one of the only small schools. It was a great meet to get some good competition.”

The Bulldogs raced at the Mondovi Invitational on September 20, and will head that direction again on September 22 for a meet in Durand.


Varsity Boys: 1. Minnehaha Academy 30, 2. Osceola 77, 3. Prescott 111, 4. Webster 113, 5. Mahtomedi 129, 6. St. Croix Central 140, 7. Ellsworth 228, 8. Grantsburg 228, 9. Boyceville 255, 10. Somerset 261, 11. Baldwin-Woodville 269, 12. St. Croix Falls 290.

Varsity Girls: 1. Minnehaha Academy 43, 2. Mahtomedi 80, 3. St. Croix Central 97, 4. Grantsburg 131, 5. Osceola 133, 6. Prescott 147, 7. Ellsworth 149, 8. Boyceville 208, 9. Webster 249, 10. St. Croix Falls 258, 11. Somerset 258.