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Town asks for signals on RR crossing on 150th Avenue

MADISON — The Town of Glenwood in St. Croix County has asked the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads to consider warning devises on a town road.

According to a news release from the Railroad Commissioner the town has asked for an investigation to consider the adequacy of warning devices at the grade crossing of the Wisconsin Central Ltd (CN) tracks with 150th Avenue in the Town of Glenwood.

The crossing is just west of the Dunn-St. Croix County Line and has been the scene of several vehicle vs. train accidents over the years. The Office of the Railroads intends to conduct this investigation without a public hearing.

Persons interested may participate in this investigation without becoming a party. However, any person desiring to become a party should file a request for party status by going to the Commission’s web site, and click on the Electronic Filing. A person desiring to become a party who lacks access to the Internet shall make a request to intervene by mail to: Docket 9164-RX863 Intervention Request; Office of the Commissioner of Railroads; P. O. Box 7854; Madison, WI 53707-7854. The cut off for filing either by internet or mail is September 21st.

Any expenses incurred during this investigation will be assessed against the Railroad. The Commission has determined that this investigation will not require an environmental impact statement.