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Glenwood City gets grant for new well

GLENWOOD CITY — Members of the City Council learned Monday evening that the City will be getting a Community Development Block Grant to help finance a new well and pump house for the City’s Water Utility. The new well will be located near the water tower on the city’s north side along Third Street.

The new facility will replace a well site on Water Street that has served the city’s need for more than 125 years. The current pump house and well was cited, last year, by the State Department of Natural Resources with many deficiencies, which prompted the City Council to decide that a new well and pump house should be constructed.

The city also has another well and pump house located at Hinman Park on the city’s east side.

Mayor John Larson read a letter to the Council at their meeting Monday evening informing the city that their application for funding of the new well had been approved. The letter stated that the city has been awarded a grant in the amount of $496,500 to be used for the improvements to the City’s Water Utility. The Mayor pointed out that the grant was a fifty percent matching funds grant. The mayor expressed his appreciation for the grant.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, city resident Barb Standaert, questioned the Council about the location of the new well and what effect it may have on her private well, which is near the proposed new well.

Kevin Oium of Cedar Corporation addressed her questions noting that the new well will be deeper than her and her neighbor’s private wells at 565 feet. He indicated that the source of the city’s new well is from a different aquifer. “Our tests from the recent test well indicate that the water is of a better quality than water from the Hinman Park well.”

City Public Works Director, David Caress noted that the new well will have a casing down some 300 feet, well below the depth of the private wells in the area of Walnut Ridge Drive. Caress noted that the new well pumping capacity would be about the same as the Hinman Park well at just over 900 gallons per minute. He indicated that the two wells will alternate in pumping and he estimated that the new facility might operate for only twenty minutes at a time and only twice daily.

New Librarian

Julie Anderson, Vice President of the local Library Board, addressed the City Council to introduce the new Library Director, Marilyn Blumer. She gave a short introduction of herself and events that she has done while working at the Boyceville Public Library.

Blumer also listed events that were held at the local library and invited everyone to an Open House at the Glenwood City Library on Thursday, August 25th from 4 to 7 p.m. She noted that refreshments would be served.

107 Maple Street Will Be Razed

Mayor Larson informed the council that he has had correspondence with the Realtor handling the two-story apartment building at 107 Maple Street. Last year the city issued a raze order to have the building demolished. But the work was set back because of foreclosure. But now it has cleared and needs inspection and the mayor said that a Minnesota company will be taking down that structure within a couple of weeks.

In other action the Council heard from David Caress about the Pine Street Sewer line and note that it will be repaired. He also addressed the retaining walls along First Street and noted that a copy of the agreement between the city and the state about those walls was obtained. He said a state representative had informed him that the walls are the responsible of the city. But Caress said, after reading the agreement, he could not find any reference to who was the responsible party to care for those walls. The mayor indicated that the city crew would be replacing the cap on the walls on Maple Street.

The council approved a variance to Steve and Crystal Booth to allow them a second driveway at the home on Walnut Ridge Drive. They are planning on building a shed on their property and need the second driveway to service that shed. The council voted 4 to 1 with one abstaining to approve the request.

The council also approved a temporary Class B picnic license and a temporary operator’s license to the Glenwood City FAA Alumni for the Rustic Lore weekend.