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Glenwood City Veterinary Clinic welcomes two new veterinarians

By Cara L. Dempski

GLENWOOD CITY — Dr. Vicki Wilke of the Glenwood City Veterinary Clinic added two new doctors to her staff in June. They are Dr. Sadie Sandstrom and Dr. Rachel Juelsgaard.

Dr. Sandstrom is a native of Ellsworth, WI and obtained her DMV in May from the University of Minnesota. She indicates a strong interest in feline medicine, specifically in ultrasound technology and animal behavior.

“I have cats at home, and I’ve always liked working with them,” Sandstrom shared.

She was drawn to the clinic not only because of its proximity to her hometown, but because she had met Wilke while a student in Minnesota. Sandstrom describes Wilke as knowledgeable and friendly to new vets and veterinary students.

Sandstrom said, “I just liked her, and I knew this was someone I would want to work for in the future.”

In her free time, she likes to hang out with her family and her five cats, attend comic conventions, and has in the past held season admission tickets to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Dr. Juelsgaard grew up in Iowa and completed her DVM education at Iowa State University in May. She is interested in surgery and in working with small ruminants such as sheep and goats.

“I’m hoping to continue to build my surgical skills here with Dr. Wilke,” Juelsgaard said of her goals.

Juelsgaard said there have been several people she was close to at Iowa State who took positions at clinics in the Glenwood area. When they suggested the clinic in Glenwood City to her, Juelsgaard said she was excited to apply.

“It’s very much a hometown, Midwestern vibe here, and that makes me feel very comfortable,” she said. Juelsgaard also said that she was glad her friends were looking for a small clinic for her, knowing that is where she would be happiest.

When she is not working, Juelsgaard says she loves working with horses, and has a carriage she would like to work on restoring to use for driving. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

Both doctors believe they have made a contribution to the clinic by accepting positions there.

“Because there are three vets instead of two, we can get in more appointments and help more people and animals now,” Sandstrom said.

Sandstrom and Juelsgaard will be working regular business hours at the clinic for the foreseeable future and are both hoping to learn a lot while there.

“I’m excited to be here,” said Juelsgaard.

Sandstrom finished with, “this clinic and town are a good fit for me.”