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An Outdoorsman’s Journal – 8-3-2016

Reunited with My Best Friend
by Selina Walters

By “My Best Friend” I am referring to one of my closest friends who I recently met while on a trip with my dad and one of my close friends, Mikayla Newlun.

When I went to Marsh Miller in June, Mikayla, my Dad, and I ended up spending a lot of time with Reece Frase from Fall Creek and Brett Koskta from Osseo and we ended up being very good friends. Reece and I have basically talked to each other since we met that weekend and I constantly bother him with whatever problems I have, and because of this we have become very close friends.

So, when my dad asked where I wanted to go for a trip, the weekend of July 24-25, Marsh Miller immediately came to mind. Birch Point resort is honestly one of my favorite places in the world, I love the atmosphere up there and the fishing is always great! Plus now one of my best friends has a camper up there. So I begged my dad, and I even made a deal with him, that if I wrote his story for this week we could go up there. So now, here I am, writing his article.

Another factor coming into this choice was that I now can barely do any physical activity due to an injury in my knee. On Friday, July 15 I was at a friend’s house, trying to learn how to skateboard when my knee popped out of socket. This is a problem that I’ve had for about 6 years now, but before it always seemed to be a minor problem and I was told that I would just grow out of it. Unfortunately when this happened on the 15th, it had been way worse than ever before, I could barely walk and it hurt worse than it ever had. Long story short, now I’m on crutches and have a big brace that runs up and down most of my leg and physical activity is basically a no go anymore. This is really unfortunate because my favorite sport, cross-country, starts in less than a month, and right now I can barely walk.

Saturday afternoon I got off of work at the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge at 3:30 and we immediately started our long trek up to Bloomer, Wisconsin. We ended up getting to Birch Point resort at about 6 in the evening. After finding Reece, we made our way up to the delicious seafood buffet that they host every Saturday night. While waiting in line to be seated, many of the locals at the bar had asked if we were dating and one even said “How are you gonna out fish her?” We had to repeat over and over again that we were not a couple, but just very good friends.

Reece and his friend, Taylor and I all ended up pulling an all nighter on Saturday, the nights events included, catching bullfrogs, going for a ride in the paddleboat around 3:30, and spending a lot of time around the campfire.

Even though we had very little sleep we still ended up going fishing around 9 that morning. Like always at Marsh Miller, the fishing was very successful. That morning we caught 38 keeper bluegills, most of which were very large.

Later that night we went back out around 5:30 and limited out on large bluegills for the day. All day, Reece and I were having a competition to see who could catch the most keepers, unfortunately I was zoned out most of the time due to lack of sleep. And somehow he out fished me. It is with great pain that I confess this defeat to you, but you all deserve to know the truth.

On Monday morning we went back out on the boat around 9 o’clock again. We fished the way we had been all weekend, drifting with bobbers, and also dragging a jig. We continued to find success and caught another 33 bluegills, before we headed home.

Like always, I had a great time at Birch Point resort, and again was reminded that I would love to move to northern Wisconsin. Hopefully I will be able to see Reece again before too long, and when I do I will make sure to out fish him.

This week’s column is sponsored by: Cedar Country Cooperative.