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Destination Imagination “Money Maker” group presents accomplishments to Glenwood City School Board

by Laura Giammattei

GLENWOOD CITY — The Elementary School’s Destination Imagination “Money Maker’s” service learning group, led by Coach Julie Anderson, shared a review of their recent performances at this year’s regional, state and global competitions with the Glenwood City School Board on Monday, July 11.

The regional competition occurred this past March and the group advanced to the state tournament in Stevens Point in April where they placed first out of 13 teams. The group moved on to the four-day global competition in Tennessee where they placed 15th out of a total 73 teams.

Requirements for the competition included the creation of a “meme” poster, a slogan, a project plan, and a timeline. Also required was the design and creation of a costume that represented a well-executed portion of their project plan, as well as an overall demonstration of team collaboration regarding all the elements (the group felt that this aspect of the project was where they particularly excelled).

Other items the group created for their project included a bingo wheel for various hosted bingo nights, paper plate emojis representing the various emotions the group felt throughout the duration of the competitions, and a project plan board with a calendar timeline. The group also raised $1,684 dollars which resulted in 50 care packages consisting of various household items which were donated to those in need.

The school board congratulated the students on their success at the regional and global events and recognized their positive representation of Glenwood City School District.

In the Athletic Director’s report, Nicole Brite noted that, due to construction, the upcoming annual athletic meeting has instead been consolidated into a slideshow which will be sent out to the proper parties. The slides consist of the main aspects of the athletic handbook, as well as expectations that Brite would like athletes and parents to be aware of.

In addition, at the end of a slideshow, a link will be provided to the official handbook where all the proper registration forms can be filled out either electronically or printed out and physically submitted. In order to locate either of these options, visit the website to view the forms or print them off. They can be found at:

Elementary School Principal Betsy Haltinner and Middle and High School Assistant Principal Nicole Brite reviewed the 2016-2017 Elementary staffing, schedules, and literacy intervention and response to intervention updates.

Haltinner reviewed the Elementary staffing schedule. Most staff members will cover one section. For example, there will be three sections of 4K and second grade. There will also be two sections of kindergarten, first grade, third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade. Additionally, there will be two staff members splitting between grades for additional sections. Specifically, one staff member will cover academic support for guided reading in kindergarten and first grade. Another member will split their time between the third and fourth grades.

Haltinner went on to detail how literacy interventions will be delivered during Topper Hours, as well as the delivery of Individualized Education Plan goal instruction via special education teachers. Math interventions will be conducted through the math instructional block.

Haltinner’s report also included the 2016-2017 Middle and High School science resource purchases of 15 laptop computers and 10 monocular compound microscopes. The total cost of these resources totals $9,457.17.

Principal Patrick Gretzlock next gave his High School and Middle School administrative report, where he reviewed summer-related staff professional development. Over the last few weeks, Gretzlock asked various staff members about what they do professionally during the summer months. While some staff members conduct summer school classes, others continue to develop new ideas by attending workshops to advance who they are to in turn impact their students.

For example, Elementary and Middle/High School math co-board members Tristan Kittilson, Sara L’Allier, Julie Hoyt, Diane Nelson, Matthew Schutz and Becky Lamb have been involved in a two-year long math workshop study provided by UW-River Falls and UW-Eau Claire which has allowed them to create a sense of network which will bring new ideas and energy to the program.

In addition, Sean VanderWaal attended an agriculture education workshop in June. There, he learned the importance of creating and maintaining positive community networks through local businesses as well as individuals. He applied this model and was able to obtain seventeen brand new engines donated by Kohler small engine company.

Band director, Matthew Lamb, brought some of his students to Clear Lake for a day event and also to march in a parade in Oakdale, Minnesota. These are just a handful of ways the teaching staff has kept themselves and students involved and providing opportunities for them during the summer months.

In Superintendent Tim Johnson’s report, the 2016-2017 administration responsibilities have been listed and can be found in the Board Docs section of the district school board tab on the Glenwood City website. In addition, Nicole Brite received licensure for the special education director and will be taking on that responsibility as well as taking the reins as Middle and High School Athletic Director.

In his budget update, Johnson met with the school district’s insurance agent last Friday. The district will be receiving a 140% payout as well as see a 16% insurance increase. The cap saved the district between $100,000 and $110,000. In addition, the tax audit will take place next week and all budget projections are on par.

In Johnson’s construction update, the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is projected to be completed by July 25. In addition, all construction is projected to be completed by the middle of August.  The LED light project will begin once ceiling-related construction is complete. Demolition has been wrapped up and all excavation is projected to be completed within the next two weeks.

In action items, the board approved carpet replacement in the band room. Additionally, the board approved for the Elementary and Middle School library carpet to be replaced in September, pending budget projections after construction is complete. The board also approved the transfer of up to $25,000 into Fund 46 as long term capital.

In the consent agenda, the board approved the minutes from June 27, 2016, the financial statement, accounts payable, and budget transfers. Details for these items can be located within Board Docs through the Glenwood City website.

The board approved adjustments to the Mission Statement, “Main Thing” and student goals.

The board approved the 2016-2017 Elementary and High School/Middle School Student/Parent Handbooks.

The board approved the 2016-2017 Athletic/Co-Curricular Handbook.

The board approved Blue Thunder’s use of facilities on Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2.

The board approved the resignation of Head Golf Coach, Ron Johnson.

The board approved Carly Kittilson as Middle School Volleyball Coach.

There will be two school board meetings held in August, the first on Monday, August 8 at 6:30 p.m. and a second on Monday, August 22 at 6:30 p.m. Both meetings will be held in the High School art room.