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An Outdoorsman’s Journal – 7-6-2061

by Mark Walters

Shultz Lake Getaway

Hello friends,

Back in the days (1982) when much of our communication was done by a letter, my father, the late Robert Walters wrote to Peter and Elizabeth Hagedorn who are the owners of Chimo Lodge and Outposts in Red Lake, Ontario about coming up for a fly in fishing trip. Little did I know that, that letter would be the path of my life as I eventually became camp manager at Chimo Lodge and started writing this column from Canada in 1989 and called it “North of the Border”!

Fast, forward 34-years, after a 12-hour drive and much planning our gang of eight is flown into Shultz Lake for seven full days of a total getaway. Your cell phone only works as a clock, no one cares about the presidential election and the fishing is excellent.

Saturday, June 18th

High, 74, low 51

The members of this year’s gang are 100-percent family. My brother, Tom Walters and his 8-year-old grandson, Nathan are up from Denham Springs, Louisiana. My brother in law Dick Schuster and his sons Riley and Trent (Trent wants to catch a big northern) and my stepson Joey, my daughter, Selina and myself round out our gang. We are pros at having fun and can take any weather that Mother Nature throws at us!

We actually landed at Shultz Lake before six this morning and began moving into the cabin and rigging up our fishing rods and boats soon after. For myself this trip annually represents the end of my spring busy season and I will be honest, my behind has been dragging mentally and physically.

So today I would be fishing with Joey and Selina. Two years ago, I beat Joey for the weekly walleye bet with a fish that was 30.5 inches, Joeys was 30.25, (thank God Riley and Selina measured it) Joey wants revenge.

Joey, Selina and myself would spend our day on a lake that is about a two-mile boat ride and then a short walk from camp. Tom and Nathan as well as Dick, Trent and Riley would be playing on Shultz Lake.

About all I can say about this day is that it was a blast, the fish catching was almost constant. Joey and Selina have always gotten along really well so it is fun to listen to the two of them talk and tonight back at camp we had a very “late night” fish fry and “we made it” celebration.

I am going to condense some of the memories from the next few days to save space.

Twice walleye were being reeled in and were grabbed by northern pike that would not let them go and in both cases the hungry pike won the daily bet for the gator division.

Selina always wants to play games at night and one that we could not play because of darkness was ladder ball. Selina came up with a method where we could play it in the cabin after dark and we had a ladder ball in the cabin tournament that was a lot of fun.

There was a bald eagle on an island near camp that must have had health issues as it would fly a short distance from the island, land in the water and then swim back to the island.

One night, Selina and I stayed fishing in a rain/hail and thunderstorm that was crazy powerful.

Generally we go to bed between 2 and 5 a.m! The guys wanted to eat fish everyday this year and so we did and on Tuesday morning, after days of living the good life, I woke up and realized we still had four more sunsets before the floatplane arrived to pick up the only people living on this entire chain of lakes.

Check out the video on the Chimo website, you will see what I mean! Sunset