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An Outdoorsman’s Journal – 6-22-2016

by Mark Walters

Birch Point Resort/Bluegill Paradise

Hello friends,

About 15-years ago I heard about Marsh Miller Lake for the first time.  I was told about big bluegills and plenty of them.  A large bonus to the story came when I was told about Birch Point Resort (715-568-1525) on Marsh Miller Lake, which my good buddy Paul Maire owns.   I have been staying at Birch Point for 15 years and my 15-year-old daughter Selina goes each year.  March Miller/Birch Point is on Selina’s top five of a list of about 20, trips a year and she always brings a friend.

Friday, June 10th
High 91, low 55

You know u might be a redneck if your version of air conditioning is keeping the windows down on the pickup.  It is a fact that you are a redneck if you go on a fishing trip with your daughter and her good friend Mikayla Newlun and there is four, three week old puppies in the backseat with them and mama is riding in the bed of the truck.

So it is very hot, we love Birch Point, our cabin is simple, has no air conditioning but the weekly rate on it is less then three nights at the average hotel.

We arrive at paradise, unload the truck, build a puppy box, launch the boat and go fishing with about three-hours of daylight left.

Some of the people that we spoke with did not say much good about the bite but we knew we would figure the gills out.

Two hours into our event we only had three gills in the livewell but they were 8-9 inchers.  We are fishing in my 18-foot War Eagle and life is good.  With an hour of daylight left, I decide to make a move and we found hungry gills as soon as the girls set the anchors.

What is a true bonus is that the bluegill size average on this lake is increasing. A few years ago, they were smaller for about 3-years (6-8 inches). This year we would find out that the fish we were catching were 7.5 to 9.5 inches and talk about give a fight.

Give me a cold beer and good, sized, hungry gills and this redneck is in paradise.

Saturday, June 11th
High 90, low 69

I woke Selina and Mikayla up at six this morning and we were fishing soon after that. Too bad that the first two hours, we could not find hungry fish. Then we started doing something that a lot of other fishermen were doing and that was drifting. It was not long and we realized that this investment was going to pay off and by noon when we headed in for lunch we had 42 absolutely beautiful bluegill on ice.

So this afternoon there were some huge changes in our boat. Not only did we have four puppies and their mother in the boat. We also added Bret Kostka of Osseo and Reese Freese of Fall Creek to our crew. Bret and Reese are 14 and I met them several years ago when they were fishing from shore by our cabin and we became friends.

These boys are into fishing and hunting and farming and I am not so sure that there was not some flirting going on with the four kids in the boat.

We really did have a blast and tonight while I filleted fish the kids did one heck of a supper.  They also had a campfire and it was pretty cool to listen to almost constant laughter, which reminded me of my days as a kid at resorts and the friends that I made.

The next day we fished hard and actually stayed at Birch Point until dark. I then tailored the boat and hauled everyone home where we arrived just as the clock struck midnight.

If you do not need to stay in a high-end cabin this resort has excellent food, prices, fishing and the lodge is really fun.

We shall return!  Sunset