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Hinman Park improvements set to start early next month

GLENWOOD CITY — The City Council heard an update on the planned improvements of the ball fields at Hinman Park. Brent Standaert appeared at the monthly meeting of the City Council Monday evening, June 20 and informed them that work on the fields is set to begin the week after the Fourth of July.

Standaert noted that two volunteer days have been set for July 8 and 9. Volunteers will remove all the structures on the fields so that new fill can be brought in. Standaert also noted that there are only eight days remaining on the summer baseball season.

On a related matter at Hinman Park, was a report by City Clerk/Treasurer Sharon Rosenow telling the council that the swimming pool opened last Saturday, and she noted that six lifeguards have been hired. “Summer swimming lessons are down from last year,” she indicated. “It’s probably because of the summer school schedule.”

Doug Doornink reported about the current project of video tapping of the City’s sewer lines. He said the last time this was done was six years ago. The company will be doing all the mains. Mayor John Larson inquired about the project finding two trouble spots. One of which is on Walnut Street and it is an old pipe that needs to be replaced.

The council talked about the razing of the two-story building at 107 Maple Street. City Attorney Autumn Lindquist noted that she had been in contact with the owner who informed her that they needed to use the lot next door to the building. That lot is owned by the city and Lindquist indicated that the owner was told he could not use that lot. Mayor Larson will contact the owner to make arrangements for the demolition of that old building.

The council approved the following for renewal of beer and combination licenses for the year from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017:

Countryside Cooperative, Nilssen’s Foods, Kuehl’s Bar and Grill, M & M Bar; Leaker’s Place, and Al’s Boondocks.

The council also approved the following people for operator’s licenses:

Danielle N. Vogel, Janine E. Jeske, Lisa R. Moede, Bailey M. Britton, Tia G. Schleusner, Dana D. DeSmith.

Kristina M. Monson, Mary Jo Parrish, Michael J. Ford, Jennifer L. Klinger, Gary H. Kowalczik, Jennifer Lybert, Kirsten A. Fisher-Paananen, Shawn M. Eggen.

Jennifer M. Kuehl, Ellen M. Koosmann, Allison N. Curvello, Shannon E. Levendoski, Rita M. Mara, Stephanie A. Caress, Jared T. Levendoski, Jessica J. Olson, Stephanie A. LeMire.

Lisa D. Logghe, Robert A. Logghe, Tara L. Mitch, Robert E. Curvello, Katie M. Swenby, Shannon M. Forrest, Brittani N. Rott, Deborah A. Hoitomt, Nancy L. Thompson, Peggy L. Obermueller, Elizabeth R. Wood.

Wendy A. Gravermoen, Marilyn J. Wheeler, Loretta S. Jordheim, Sarah L. Tischman, Alice L. Gedatus, Cherri L. Peterson, Lori K. Newton, Les D. Warren, Kelsie L. Hoitomt, Vicky J. DeLong, Terri J. Ross.

Mary P. Weeks, Shirley M. Drinkman, Kirstin M. Bouska, Heidi M. Hanson, Krista M. Flick, Crysta M. Lovgren, Noah G. Threlkeld, Dean A. Lemay, Lisa M. Brigham and Carole A. Schurtz.