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Sunnyside Shamrocks hold May meeting

The Sunnyside Shamrocks met at the Community Center in Glenwood City on May 15th for the May monthly meeting.

We opened the meeting with pledges and roll call. We then discussed some new business. There is a Dust Em off show at the Glenwood City Fairgrounds in June for exhibitors who want to learn more about their species or to actually bring their animal and learn how to show. We talked about possibly doing the concession stand for the Wayne Peterson Auction but will need to get more details before we commit. It is 4-H softball time so we had a report from our Softball leader who is organizing this years team and schedule. Our Rodeo sign was painted and put out by the intersection of US 63 and County Rd G. The Rodeo will be at the Glenwood Fairgrounds on June 17 and 18th. Then we talked about our old business. Our spaghetti supper was a major success and brought in roughly $900 after expenses. Thank you to all in the community who showed up to support our club. Our treasurer gave us his report. The May Fair event at the fair was a big success again. Mae and Bonnie Buttles painted a barn quilt of a horse and then put it on the auction at the May Fair Event. An individual bought it and donated it back to the horse barn at the Fairgrounds so look for it there in July! We awarded our top ticket sellers for the spaghetti supper with checks. The top 3 sellers were: The Bignell Family, Michael Clark and Sadie Stansbury. Some member of our 4-H club then planted flowers around Glenda and Woody by Nilssen’s and the other members stayed back and started planning fair decorations and the fair promotion sign that will go up when we take the Rodeo sign down next month. We motioned for the meeting to be adjourned and had some delicious snacks.

Libby Wagner