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In Memoriam – Vivian Booth – 5-25-2016

In loving memory of Vivian Booth.

Mom, it’s been over a year since God and His Angels called you away.

Oh, how the angels rejoiced as you walked through those pearly gates that day.

How could we allow ourselves to even imagine saying goodbye to you.

You were so gentle and so kind, your smile would always see us through.

You taught us how to love unconditionally and to be our very best in all we do.

You gave your all to God and family, never stopping to think about you.

You were more than a mother, you were our best friend and a great listener, too.

Oh how we miss talking and all the fun things we’d do.

Mom, we can never say goodbye to you because we could never bear the pain.

Instead we say We love you, Mom, until we meet again.