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Glenwood City all school art show held May 26

GLENWOOD CITY — The hallways inside the Glenwood City School District were a sea of color this past week due to the second annual All-School Art Show that took place on Thursday, May 26.

Art teachers Mary Jones and Laura Sperl were excited to display two pieces of artwork from every student in grades K-12, one piece of work from every middle school student, and artwork from every student taking art classes this year.

The show was a celebration of creativity, individuality and student talent. Winners of the juried high school art show include:


1st Place: Taylor Drinkman – Charcoal; 2nd Place: Taylor Crawford – Marker and 3rd Place: Sabrina Flettre – Charcoal.


1st Place: Mara Wenk – Mixed Media; 2nd Place: Kaylie Krueger – Cardboard and beads and 3rd Place: Dakota Phalin – Paper Mache and CDs

Outstanding Artwork Awards were given to Luke Aasen, Zac Abt, Brett Bazille, Hogan Chouinard, Tayler Crawford, Allison Curvello, Taylor Drinkman, Jordan Hendrickson, Emily Hill, Emma Hindes, Samantha Holldorf, Furizion Kabirov, Cody Keeley, Rachel Klatt, Jenesa Klinger, Taylor McDaniel, Becca Moll, Taylor Mortel, Darian Multhauf, Julia Nerby, Nicole Peabody, Morgan Peterson, Sierra Peterson, Dakota Phalin, Quentin Rogers, Wilbur Rosenow, Catherine Schurtz, Kristine Sina, Quinn Taylor, Kathryn Vang, and Kenny Vang.