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Dave Caress: New City Engineer for Glenwood City

by Laura Giammattei

GLENWOOD CITY — Local resident, Dave Caress, was hired this past December as the new city engineer for Glenwood City.

Caress was born in Glenwood City and has resided there most of his life.

“I grew up here, went to school here, pretty much lived here all of my life,” he said.

Prior to his current position, Caress worked in construction for eighteen years.

“I did a lot of residential construction, and five years before starting here, I worked at Mayo Clinic in Menomonie as the lead for their in-house construction department,” Caress said.

Caress had lived in other surrounding area towns such as Barron, Hudson and Menomonie, but when he married in 2003, he and his wife, Brandi, bought a house in Glenwood and have lived in town ever since. The couple now have three daughters: Brooklyn, Madison and Harper.

Caress says the best part of his job is never doing the same thing every day, working with people in the community, and being close to home.

“I think the main reason why I was drawn to construction in the first place is because I never do the same thing day to day, and this job is a lot like that,” he said. “I also really like working in town; I know a lot of people but there are also many I don’t know and I am enjoying getting to know all the new faces.”

As far as projects go, the city is in the process of siting a new well. Currently, Glenwood City has just one well site and Caress says having a second would add to the town’s safety as well as peace of mind.

“A lot of communities still run on just one well, and if something happens to that one well, you’re kind of out of luck,” he explained. “So, having a second water source will add the the reliability and consistency of our water system.”

Caress says they are currently in the process of writing grants to fund parts of the project and also working to meet requirements with the Department of Natural Resources.

In addition to the well project, there are also upgrades in the works for the city’s wastewater system.

“The updates have been pushed back a little bit due to the well project, but that is very close out in front of us, “Caress said.

In regards to job challenges, Caress says the amount of things to learn has been a lot to absorb.

“There’s so much to know about the water and sewer systems here, DNR regulations, anything involved with operating a municipal water system and wastewater system; it’s definitely a ton of information to take in.”