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Why do I love the public library and reading?

Why do I love the public library and reading?

because you like to see children? and I like checking out movies and books and making crafts and reading. because I can read my favirot book is there to and when I am done I check it out and then go home and read the book and then bring it back to the library.

Jack main, 7


I love to read about sharks. The public library has many books. I also like the public library because I saw a bunch of movies.

Micah williams, 6


I love the public library becauze, I cam do fun things there like see santa, go there to see insects and animails, go there to win a basket, Prizes, Movie nigt, and storytime. I love Reading at the public library becausze there are fun books to read, information, nice libraryians, backpacks with fun stuff in them, Puzzles, PuPPets, dolls you can drees up, and blocks. That’s why I love the public library.

Lydia Bennett, 7 in a half


I Love the public library because you can read there And you can also get movies from the library and watch them at your house! you can also research there on there coumputer’s. And you can also snuggle up in there pillows and listen to storys that they read to you! It is really fun to go to the public library!

Evelyn Radintz, 8 years old


Because I saw Santa Clas in the public library and I took a pickcher with him. I also love the publc library because love reading so much and I have had so much books and I love them soso much. I also love the public library becaus I like the people who work at the puplic library becaus thay check out your book, thay help you find the book that your looking for, thay halp you wihe alot of stuf. Now I fownd out why I love the public library.

Lexi Rutske, 8


because I went with my teacher Mrs. Lengreck. And I like t play there. I like to read because I like to learn. I like beast quest books!

Preston Arvey, 6 almosty


I like to Read because It helPs us to lerne. I like to Read Shak BooKs because I can lerne about SnaKeS, ratel SnaKe. ones I went to the Public library With mis. langrec.

Elijah, 7


I Like the public library because I’ve been there before for the october 2015 Halloween theame. I also like the public library because I always see Santa there, and sit on his LaP. I also like it because when I go to Santa I do crafts down stiars. I also Like it because I went there with My teacher in 2015! I hope liked My story.

Garrett, 7


The public library hleps me do my homework and lets me check out books and let me see santa and it’s fun and ont time they leted me get a library crad. They play moives in the sunirry like the nut jod so I love the public library I went their when I was 3 yeas old. The dogs and cats booksare amasen! I do like to read fairtalil books. I do not have muach to say about read. Do you like the public library?

Anaka Eliason, 8


I love the public library on chismas because I get to see Santa and I get a bag of candy. And I also like it because you get to read.

Erica Bauman, 6


I Like the public library. Cecease. wen you read the books you will. no How to wit the wrds. at shcool. I like reading becea. you will no the wrds that you do not know!

Kylie Main, 7


I love the library because they have a lot of books. I like to read about school busses.

Merisa Blaser, 7


to get smarer and get a gob and to know more wrds to read tratr books sowe you haow to read. to know your ABCs. I get moves and sumtimes thar are pislse thar are books I make kafs and lisin to stores thar are sds. santur is sumtime thar. I sen rander pichs and got a Book merk.

Waylon W Wagner, 6


I love the Public library because it’s nice and Peacefull a Place were you can relax and do your home work. The library is also a Place to get Books and movies and you can Play in the library and do challenges and win Prizes. Now lets not forget about reading when you read you sometimes get nervus or scared or happy or laugh. You can check out all kinds of books liek action books funny books or scary books. The books could fill up time and some books can have things that you can feel like you see a Picture of big foot ther he would feel hairy. The library and books can help a lot in life.

hailey ketola, 7


I Love reading because it is fun, You get imfermashon, reading help’s you lean and You’r  brian get’s big’er by reading even more. I Love the public library because you get to cheek out book’s like, nikealodon book’s…example….. Timey trn’er and Kc. under Kuver.

Arieanna Banyai, I am 8 year’s old. ps. best for now


I love the Public library because you can get movies and books and sum times you can see santa and you can see a movie in this thing you can even Play with sum PUPets. you can even bring a comPutr to do a test. the way I like the Public library because I love to read so that is Where I get my books and sum times like Wen sanita comes thay have cookies thair. thair so, so, so, so good. sum times  you win stuff and thay have big bags so then that is wav you get your Present. in summor thair are things to do thar like do face Painten or do carfs. that is why I like the Public library.

Sadielee Stansbury, 8


I like a mrmad books and I like a santu books.

Daliya Phipps, 7


I likte to reed becouse wrs helps me reed bigr wrds. I like to reed volcanlse

Tristen Wink, 7


gren eeg the ham. is my forhit buk beks i kan read fast beks i haf bin read a lot bek i is BaBat for me it is my fhait buk beku is ubut fod nad is god bekus i LOVE to red

Kaali rinDE, 6


I love the Public library because I can pike out SPUNSD bob books and movis and togs. my Favorit move is SungBob out of Watre at home to go swiming and I love undr waotr and I love het.

Carson Anderson, 8


because I get to maac crafs. and I get to play fun craftee gams. I osos love the public library because I get to read in the latool hool thing. I love readern because it helps me get betr at reeden. it is fun I love the plublic library. it is so it is varee fun I love the public library it is so fun I rilee love the public library it is so osum I love the public library I gust. love it o my gosh it is so fun I love the redeen tel me obw it is so fun. I rilee much I rilee rilee love the public library i rilee rilee love reeteen to.

Sawyer Bischel, 6


I love the public library because I Love the puper theder. and I Love when the libraryen reards us storys. and I allso Love the library because I Love when I get to play evrywhere. and I allso Love when I get to pik out books.

Kirah Krueger, 6


Well I Love the public library Because, I Git to reading And Pikc a Book out and I Love the Public library Because I Git to Play Like the Pubic library Because I Git to checout mowuss.

Kevan Olson, 6


Why I LOVE the public library and reading! I love the public library and reading because it is so much fun to go thair. Why I LOVE to read and go to the public library is because you can read and you can go to the crismas and hallwen part. at the crismas part you get coces it is so asum. Why I like the hallwen part is because you can dresap. and why I like reading is because I love to read chapter books. That is why I love to read.

Tessa Wagner, 8


I Love to read because we git to chk out a books to read. I Love to read becoiuse we git to lrn abuoot reading stores. I Love the public library bcause me and my bruthr go to chak books out. Cats books and dogs books and also we chak moves out. we chak cats moves out and dog moves out.

Paige v. mcnamara, 8


the Libar I go to is glenwood bacLik Libre. I like the bacLik Libary has a bit the bit. is bat thari is a Lit so you can wreb in the bit. and Sam pupis so they can paly sam pupis.

Brock Wood, 7


I Love the Public Library Because I go whith my mom a lot. I pick good books. If you need a Hallawen, chrismas, valintin or just any move go to the public Library. Because thar are good move. the people how wrok thay got me a Library card thanks to them I wood have to youse my moms card. I Like reding Because the more you read the more you now and that is why I Love to read. I Love the public Library.

Opal Voeltz, 7 hers old