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Card of Thanks – Bill Drinkman – 2-3-2016

Such small words, but they mean so very much.  It is hard to convey the whole meaning, but here goes.  Thanks to everyone (family, friends, neighbors) for all you have done to help out through this ordeal, both while in the hospital, and while back home healing.

A special thanks for all the prayers.  Guess they reached clear across the whole U. S.  They were much appreciated, besides being so very helpful.  Another special thanks to Gary Cormican who kept daily vigilance over the family until I was up and about again.  And to the neighbors for all they did.  Thank you.  Then there is the family….it’s impossible to adequately thank you, but thanks, anyway.   Another special thanks goes to the Doctors and Nurses at Mayo-Eau Claire, Menomonie and Glenwood City.  They were all super, saying how bad it was for me to have to be there on Christmas.  I truly thought it was the best place to be on Christmas, since I was getting the best treatment possible.  I saw the neurosurgeon yesterday, and have been declared back to normal (whatever that is).  It is a big relief to know, anyway.  Now I can go back to being me.  Thanks again.

Bill Drinkman