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In Memoriam – Bob Cormican – 1-20-2016

It is often said when a loved one passes away that heaven has gained an angel, roughly a year ago at this time not only did heaven’s population increase, but earth lost an angel as well. Robert Jacob Cormican was called to be with the Lord on January 17th 2015, he was 27 years old. Due to the shock of his untimely death our family was unable to put forth a complete obituary, so this is his story.

Our Robert (Bob) was born August 26th 1987. He was raised in the countryside by his parents, alongside four brothers and attended Boyceville schools. Bob was a hardworking, God fearing man, full of life and love, undeniably one of the most kind and tender hearted people you would ever find. He had a passion for the outdoors, and spent most of his free time hunting and fishing with his friends and family. He usually enjoyed working alongside his family, helping out in the logging business. He didn’t care about what things he had, but of what he could do for others and had a passion for helping people. He was a lovable character and it’s hard to imagine anyone ever met him that didn’t like and remember him. If you had the honor of knowing Bob, you could attest to the fact that though sometimes feisty, he was one of the sweetest people to ever walk this planet. He was also the best man many of us have ever known and he exemplified all that a true Christian should be. He was a believer, he loved the Lord, and was strengthened through Him. As a result, Bob inspired the people around him to be better people, he never gave up on being nice to someone even if they had wronged him in some way.

What happened? Around the middle of December he fell ill, after thinking it was the flu and toughing it out a while he finally saw a doctor. He was misdiagnosed several times and continued to worsen over the next weeks. December 31st came and things were getting worse, it was time to get back to the hospital. This time he was transferred as his condition deteriorated. The doctors were unsure what they were facing was but knew it was critical. After many tests they discovered that an infection, later believed to be staph, had consumed part of his heart, shut down kidneys, and spread infection throughout his body. He had several surgeries; including on his leg to clear major clots, major heart valve replacement, and had a temporary pacemaker installed. After overcoming all this and starting to recover nicely the pacemaker was acting up so the decision was made to put him under and install the permanent unit sooner than expected. This surgery proved to be too much to handle for the strongest man we ever knew. He had been fighting this for a month and his body finally had enough. The Lord called him home on January 17th 2015, he passed peacefully sedated, surrounded by his loving family. The cause of the infection was never discovered. We will forever love and miss him dearly. We think Bob would like everyone to take a lesson from his story. We don’t get to choose when we leave this earth, so cherish your loved ones every day and take nothing for granted. “Many who plan to seek God at the eleventh hour die at 10:30.” Our Bob was prepared and sure of where he was going if he died, are you?

On behalf of Bob and our family we would like to thank all of the friends and family that have supported us in so many ways throughout this process. It is a real blessing to know how our gentle Bob touched and impacted so many lives. His cherished memory will live on in those who loved him and will always care about him. Until we meet again.