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Retailers keeping our community safe

Across Wisconsin, agencies and coalitions partner with local law enforcement in using a state-wide campaign, called WI Wins, to support the decline of tobacco related diseases. WI Wins uses positive reinforcement to reduce illegal tobacco sales to minors.

A program of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, WI Wins contracts with local partners to conduct county-wide investigations of retailer compliance with the law. It congratulates local clerks who do not sell tobacco to youth, while educating those who would. This approach creates community pride by reducing youth access to tobacco products and providing youth a chance to make a difference in their community. Local initiatives also include retailer education and training, media outreach, and community education.

Arbor Place, Inc., based in Menomonie, is the WI Wins contractor for Dunn, Pepin, and Taylor Counties. The Arbor Place WI Wins coordinator would like to congratulate the following establishments for passing recent compliance checks. All establishments listed below required the 16 and 17-year-old decoys to present an ID when attempting to purchase tobacco products. These establishments are working hard to keep our community safe by keeping tobacco products out of the hands of minors.

• Kwik Trip – 3107 3M Drive, Menomonie

• Exit 45 – 2100 County Road B, Menomonie

• Elk Point Resort – N8535 618th St, Colfax

• Trail Side Bar – E4102 County Road D, Menomonie

• The Market – 545 S Broadway, Menomonie