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Everwood makes generous donation to WFSM

Everwood Farmstead Foundation, a non-profit located in Tiffany township, hosts inspiring spaces for artists to perform, teach and work in a natural environment. One of the Foundation’s pursuits, the Everwood Artist Series, brings rural and urban communities together in a 100-year-old barn with a wide variety of artists, including music, theater, dance, poetry and film.

Everwood provides one-half of the proceeds from the Artist Series to a local student arts program. After completing its fourth season, the Foundation was proud to present a check on Thursdsay, December 10 to the Wisconsin Foundation for School Music in the amount of $3,150.71. WFSM promotes and perpetuates music education in the schools of Wisconsin through programs such as Launchpad and the Solo & Ensemble Festivals. Joining Simone Perrin and Everwood Board member Joan Bartz for the presentation of funds was WFSM Board member Gregg Butler. More information on Everwood can be found at Send an email to to receive information on upcoming Everwood events.