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Small paint projects to transform your space

(NAPSI)—Giving your home personality and adding a dash of character can be achieved easily and affordably with small paint projects. The experts at Dutch Boy Paint are a great resource for unique project ideas and helpful how-tos that will assist you with transforming your space into a haven that reflects your personality and style.

1. The Grand Entrance: Personalize your front door by painting it an unexpected hue. It will bring character and personality to your home and offer fresh curb appeal.

Color expert Sue Wadden suggests a stately shade, such as red or purple, to wake up a simple cottage-style door and accentuate a front garden. A bold yellow hue that has warmer undertones can energize an otherwise neutral exterior, and a bright pop of orange makes for an unexpected statement.

Complement your newly painted front door with colorful, eye-catching address numbers. Choose a color that complements the front door or a contrasting hue that offers an interesting accent. Numbers may be painted directly onto the door or a section of siding.

2. Make a Splash: The kitchen is the perfect place to have some fun with color since it’s often the communal area of a home. Instead of traditional tile, cook up a scene-stealing space by giving your backsplash a makeover. Stencil in a design, favorite quote or food-inspired words.

Don’t forget to consider the other colors at play in the space before selecting the backsplash paint color. If the kitchen has dark cabinets, choose a lighter shade to keep the room from feeling heavy. For white or light-color cabinets, both brighter and darker paint colors work well for this space; and for a pop of brightness that’s also durable and stain resistant, use Dutch Boy® Platinum® Paint in semi-gloss.

If you have the whole weekend, further customize your kitchen by painting the island a hue that complements the other colors in the room. If you’d like to keep the space neutral, select a subtle shade for the island such as cream, beige or gray. Or, if you’re looking to be a bit more daring, choose a shade such as turquoise, navy blue or mint. A striking color will make the room feel fun and inviting. You can also incorporate the island color in a few new accessories such as a rug, curtains or dishware to create a feeling of harmony throughout the room.

3. Rethink your Wardrobe: For an element of surprise, paint the interior of your closet. A vibrant shade will dress up your everyday routine and give your wardrobe an exceptional room of its own!

4. More to Adore: Make a personal statement in the bedroom by transforming walls into exceptional works of art.

Instead of adorning walls with framed artwork, paint a multicolored diamond or chevron pattern for an unexpected pop of color. A frame wall with favorite pictures or prized album covers centered in painted blocks puts a spin on the traditional. Or create big-time graphic impact with an oversized DIY wall clock.

Add perceived dimension to a room by creating nontraditional stripes with three or even four colors. Angled stripes painted in different widths are less structured and provide a unique design, and an exaggerated single stripe of color can rescue plain walls.

A headboard painted directly onto the wall creates an element of decorative surprise in the bedroom, and a stenciled one can add definition and polish. Choose from a premade design, such as a rectangle or whimsical silhouette, or create your own. No matter the shape, a bold hue or using two shades of the same color are both visually interesting and impactful.

With Dutch Boy Paint’s unique paint project ideas and wide variety of paint colors and finishes, the possibilities of creating a distinct identity for your home that embodies your personality and lifestyle are easy.

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