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Receive $1,000 for Hinman Park improvements

Hinman Park in Glenwood City is scheduled to receive improvements through the efforts of many local people involved with fundraising to support the park.

On Saturday, the County American Legion donated a $1,000 toward this effort. The money came from funds raised by the American Legion from their annual Youth Golf Tourney held in Hammond. In the center of the photo David Booth, a Legionnaire who helps with fundraising for the annual golf event, presents a $1,000 check to Sheila Swenby, group representative. Others in the photo that gathered at Hinman Park Saturday morning to accept the donation were Dave McDonald, Legion Children and Youth Co-Chair for St. Croix County; Tom Klatt; John Helgeson, County Commander of the American Legion; Alfred Schrank, Booth and Swenby; Nick Swenby; Sara McCarthy and Carrie Klatt.