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Colfax Health and Rehab – 11-27-2015

It’s been a busy week here at the Big Yellow House. We always eat good here and some of the meals this week were BBQ meatballs, potatoes, spinach bake and a fruit salad, chili with cheese and crackers and some good ol’ corn bread, our boiled dinner always is a big hit here.

We do more than just eat here; we also have to stay in shape so we do our daily activities. Monday the square was filled with people singing a cappella and let me tell you it was beautiful, we have some great singers here with us.

On Tuesday we had devotions in the morning and our weekly Bingo game. Nobody went home hungry as snacks a plenty were won.

Wednesday morning was our monthly men’s breakfast, on the menu was scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage and of course pancakes. Our waitress was none other than Jamie from accounting. The men all say she did an admirable job as no one had to ask for more coffee or other drinks. They say she is welcome to come back any time and serve them again. Next month we are doing French toast instead of pancakes. After breakfast the square was turned into church. We were all praying for a safe and fun filled Thanksgiving. Pastor Barb Koch led the service and the congregation sang along as she played her guitar. In the afternoon the gals were all getting their nails trimmed, filed and painted for the big day that was coming. Also in the afternoon the Freedom honor flight was being shown in the square. A couple of our family members were on the Honor flight so it was nice to see them. If you ever want to watch it let us know and we will play it again. Then it was time to set up the tables and decorate them for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day: the tables were set, the food was prepared, our family and their families filled our house. The waiting was over and now it was time to sit and start eating our meal. Turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, cranberries and pumpkin pie was on the tables. No one went home hungry. Rumor has it that when you walked through the doors the aroma was mouthwatering. A special thanks to the kitchen staff and everyone else that made this meal possible. Clean up was now complete, then it was time for some football and of course the afternoon naps. Full stomachs make the naps very relaxing.

On Friday we were back to our normal routine. Rosary was first on the list (after breakfast of course) followed by Gospel sing. Music filled the square and everyone was smiling when they went back to get ready for lunch. Friday afternoon BINGO was attended by all as the winnings were going to be big. Everyone walked away with their winnings after they had coffee and cookies. Happy hour was in full swing with a few people tipping back cold refreshments.

On Saturday the square was full as we gathered for Hollywood and then it was time for a few games of cribbage.

Well, that was our week here at the Big Yellow House. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Next week we start our Christmas decorating so please stop by and see the transformation that will be taking place around here. Remember that Christmas is right around the corner.