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A Word to the Wise – 9-23-2015

A WORD TO THE WISE   by Dr. Walter Olsen

What makes the Christian different from the world about him? In using the word Christian, I am referring to those who have been born again by faith in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, those who have acknowledged their sins and looked to the Savior for forgiveness.

What makes them different is the presence of Christ in their lives. Paul says of the believer, “For ye were once darkness, but now you are the light of the world. Walk as children of light…finding out what is acceptable to the Lord, and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them” (Eph. 5:8,10-11). The believer has a new life in Christ and lives by a new and different standard. It is not a standard of law but a standard of love which prompts obedience to the Lord as revealed in the word of God, the Bible. Thus, if one knows the Lord, he will live in contrast to the world about him which is characterized such things as lust, greed, selfishness, rebellion, violence and everything else that is prompted by Satan. The believer still has problems with sin, but he is not abandoned to it. He is rather abandoned to the Person of Christ and His will.

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