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Valuation increase helps Glenwood School budget

GLENWOOD CITY — District Superintendent Tim Johnson informed the board that the equalized valuation of the school district increased by over five percent. He noted that the state average this year was about two and a half percent.

Johnson said that the bonding issue that was passed this year carried 83 cents per thousand of valuation cost to pay off the loan. But he indicated that because of the new higher equalization figure that should be some 25 cents less.

Johnson talked about the school budget and said that they over spent the present budget by some $19,000. “That’s what we planned to do,” he reminded the board. As for the new budget, Johnson said he would present a balanced budget at the annual school meeting, which is set for Monday, September 4th at 7:00 p.m.

Johnson also spoke about the enrollment, saying, “We have a negative number and are not growing.” He explained that 44 students moved from the district, but only 20 moved in.

Johnson and Board President, Dr. C. W. Rasmussen discussed the new rule about police officers and ex-officers carrying concealed weapons in school buildings. Both noted that school officials couldn’t address those officers about a weapon, because the questioning may expose an officer who may be working undercover.

In her report, Assistant Principal, Nicole Brite told the board, the ACT test result was released last week and the scores by Glenwood City students were above the state average.

Elementary Principal Betsy Haltinner discussed the school open house that was held on Monday, a day before school started. She noted that it was a great success with about 98 percent of the students attending. She also discussed with the board the in service with the staff.

In part of his presentation, Johnson addressed the salary of school board members and said that the payment for service on the school board is set at the annual meeting. He informed the board that he would recommend at the annual meeting that annual salary for members be increased to $1,850 and for school board officers to $2,100, plus $50.00 for attending special meetings. Members of the negotiating team get an extra $600. He said that with the new schedule the board members still receive less than those members in other school districts.

Board President Rasmussen said, “I don’t know what I do to warrant more than other members. But member Judy Achterhof said that she favors the president getting more because the of the extra work the position has. Member Jon Mrdutt also concluded that there should be a difference. Charlotte Heimer suggested that the extra money be turned back to the school system. Johnson said that he would proceed with the recommendation to the annual meeting unless the board directed him not to. The board let the recommendation stand.

In other business the board approved hiring Holly Wever as a sub aide with the kitchen staff, accepted a donation from the Volleyball Booster Club, approved Melodee Forrest’s resignation from food service, agreed to post for a 28 hour per week custodial position, and heard from the superintendent that the district will change insurance carriers for general liability, worker’s comp and property that will save the district about $8,000. The board also approved an increase in Extra-Curricular pay schedule.