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A Word to the Wise – 8-26-2015

by Dr. Walter Olsen 

What does it mean to be a Christian? Certainly many factors could be mentioned, but there is one that is essential above all others.

The Apostle Paul spoke of this when he said, “God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord” (I Cor. 1:9). Whatever else is involved with being a Christian, it must begin with a relationship with the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. This begins when God convicts us of our sins and reveals His Son, the Lord Jesus as the Savior. When we see our sin and, by faith, trust Christ as the One who died for our sins, and was raised again, we are then brought into a personal relationship with the Son of God. All of our Christian life flows from our relationship with Him. Sometimes we substitute form in place of a personal relationship so we must be careful that we remain in fellowship with the One who indeed is our Christian life. It is of a personal relationship with Christ that we can have the assurance of our salvation and begin to know His many blessings in life. Indeed, the Christian life is fellowship with the Son of God!

First Baptist Church of Woodville
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