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City Council hears about repairs to sewer lines

GLENWOOD CITY — During the City Council’s discussion about paying the bills at the monthly meeting Monday evening, August 17, Council Person Steve Lee questioned the expense of some $20,000 to a firm called R & R for Waste Water System Cleaning.

Doug Doornink reported that the firm had done the annual cleaning of the pipes, noting that the city is in the fifth year of a six-year rotation, and the company found three spots in the sewer mains that were leaking and that they repaired those areas at $2,500 each. Doornink called them major leaks in our system. He noted that the leaks were in a swampy area, and after they were repaired, the wastewater treating facility had 15,000 gallons of wastewater less than before the leaks were repaired. Doornink stated, “we were draining the swamp.”

Each year the company videotapes the lines and in a couple of years, we will have a record of all the sewer mains in the city. The city has been able to stop leaks in the collection system thus saving the need to treat surface water that finds its way into the sewer lines.

Doornink also noted that the company had repaired three manholes on Syme Avenue by rebuilding them by spraying a foam type material that hardens when in contact with water. It’s repairing the manholes without replacing them. But in this case, Doornink noted that some of the foam made its way into the sewer line and plugged up the line and another company was called to open up the sewer main.

Makes Donation

The council approved donating $1,000 to the local Chamber of Commerce to help with repairing the Centennial Wall on the Professional Building at the corner of First and Oak Street.

Shawn DeWitt and Joan Bartz, President and Vice President of the Chamber addressed the council and told them that a local person will be doing the repair. The original wall was made in 1983 and repainted in 2007 and now the paint has been flaking off.

The bid to repaint is $5,500 plus the cost of the lift. Bartz explained that Logghe Trucking has donated the use of a lift and she noted that would save about $1,800. She also told the council that they have a local couple that would match the $1,000 city donation. She said that they have already collected $1,850 in donations for the project. So that after the city and the local matching figure they have $3,850 toward the goal.

Change Zoning Code

Before the regular council meeting, there was a meeting of the council and the Planning Commission to effect a change in the zoning code. City Attorney Autumn L. Lindquist explained to the council that the new code would allow a home business in a Residential One and Residential Two zone. She noted what would not be allowed, such as noise and traffic in the Residential area. She noted that the new rule would allow the city to give permission to a Home Occupations where the present code does not allow a home business.

It was learned that no local citizens attended the recently held public hearing on the matter.


Nancy Hover gave the monthly library report to the City Council. It noted that the basket contest and ice cream social raised $175.00 for the library. The report stated that Barb Krueger had returned to the library for another Tech Time on Thursday, August 20th. More information about this event can be had by calling 715-265-7443.

She stated that there are still Golden Tickets left to find at the library as part of its 115th anniversary celebration. They are good for prizes.

Police Chief Robert Darwin reported that police coverage during the fair was good and they had very few complaints. He did say they arrested a sex offender who was riding around on a 4 wheeler.

Mayor Larson discussed how the council was going to proceed in seeking a replacement for Kevin Olson. City Attorney Lindquist was quick to point out to the council that Olson was not terminated. “He volunteered to resign by not showing up for three shifts without permission from his supervisor,” she informed the council.

The council approved picnic license to various groups for the annual Rustic Lore celebration and operators license to Shaya M. Bonte, Kaitlyn A. Nagy and Amanda S. Schone.