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Glenhaven fire required 228 people and more than a half million gallons of water

By LeAnn R. Ralph

GLENWOOD CITY — A total of 228 firefighters and other personnel responded to the fire on January 14, 2014, that destroyed the new buildings under construction for the Glenhaven Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Facility.

In addition to the manpower, nearly 600,000 gallons of water was used to put out the fire.

The following fire departments sent apparatus and personnel to help fight the Glenhaven fire: Glenwood City; Boyceville; Elk Mound; Prairie Farm; Hudson; River Falls; New Richmond; Clear Lake; Deer Park; Spring Valley; Ellsworth; Amery; Colfax; Chippewa Fire District; Sand Creek; Cadott; Roberts-Warren; Rock Creek; Ridgeland; Somerset; United Fire Department; Eau Claire; Altoona;  Fairchild; Fall Creek; Augusta-Bridge Creek; Tilden; Bloomer; Anson; and New Auburn.

Emergency Medical Services agencies included Glenwood City; Baldwin; New Richmond; River Falls; Boyceville; and Menomonie.

Additional assisting agencies included the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department; Glenwood City Police Department; Glenwood City Department of Public Works; St. Croix County Department of Public Works; St. Croix County Dispatch; Dunn County Dispatch; Eau Claire City Dispatch; and Chippewa County Dispatch.

As for gallons of water hauled, the Glenwood City Fire Department hauled 20,400 gallons; the Boyceville Fire Department hauled 34,150; the Elk Mound Fire Department hauled 12,000 gallons; the Prairie Farm Fire Department hauled 9,000 gallons; Hudson hauled 6,600 gallons; New Richmond hauled 13,000 gallons; Clear Lake Fire Department hauled 8,000 gallons; Township Fire Department hauled 6,000 gallons; Deer Park Fire Department hauled 8,000 gallons; Ellsworth Fire Department hauled 9,000 gallons; Chippewa Fire District hauled 32,000 gallons; Roberts-Warren hauled 13,000 gallons; Rock Creek hauled 6,400 gallons; Ridgeland hauled 4,500 gallons; Somerset hauled 8,000 gallons; and United Fire hauled 12,000 gallons.

In addition, fire departments that responded with strike team apparatus that hauled water included the Tilden Fire Department with 2,000 gallons; Cadott with 2,500 gallons; Anson with 2,200 gallons; and New Auburn with 2,300 gallons.

All together, 360,000 gallons of water was pumped from the Glenwood City municipal water system, and 227,050 gallons of water were hauled to the scene of the fire from a creek on 320th Avenue about one mile from Glenhaven and from the Village of Boyceville.

Glenwood City Fire Chief Greg Holden noted in his report that three different times, the city’s water system reached a point where hydrant operations had to be suspended.