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Glenwood City school website shows off fresh look

GLENWOOD CITY — For those who may not have taken a look at the Glenwood City School District’s website lately, you are missing out.

A team of staff members including District Executive Secretary, Christa Blaser and Middle School/High School Principal, Patrick Gretzlock have recently touched up and revamped the website, which has seen some much needed improvements over the last year.

Viewers can now easily find the bell schedules for students, blogs by administrators, a plethora of pictures showing the achievements of the students and important information such as what is happening with the referendum, upcoming events/activities, schedules of Board Meetings with agendas attached and links to a wide variety of resources that can benefit students and parents.

One upcoming meeting to note is the annual athletic meeting that is scheduled for the evening of July 29. More information for your athlete can be found under the “Athletics” tab on the website or by contacting Athletic Director, Patrick Gretzlock.

In other school news, the Elementary received a Bronze award on behalf of the Driven to Better Health project, which included a $150.00 prize.

Students and staff worked very hard this past year to push themselves towards being healthier and their success did not go unrecognized.

This school’s goal is to keep “Driving” forward with the help of another element; a 100 mile club.

The goal is for each student to walk 100 miles this school year and the staff is working on ways to help the students achieve this with time spent on the track during recess or in the hallways when the weather isn’t pleasant.

Elementary Principal, Betsy Haltinner along with School Nurse, Barb Rasmussen are big advocates for keeping students healthy and their emphasis is on making sure each student gets 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Adding in the 100 mile club throughout the District is another way to keep students participating in healthy activities as well as pushing them towards their goal of meeting Donald Driver through the Driven to Better Health program.

Going along with being active, the Board discussed the plans for a new softball field that will be on the actual school grounds and not across the road, which has presented itself as a safety hazard.

The Board had initial discussion on creating a new softball field adjacent to the existing baseball field.

The one issue with this is that the school forest would need to have a portion of it removed, but the Board members agreed that as it sits there is not much value to the current forest.

Their idea seemed to be that a variety of trees could be further incorporated along with more wildlife and grass projects if part of the forest were to be uprooted and changed around.

This was an initial discussion only and further blue prints will be created before the final say is had as to the placement.

In other news, the State Budget was recently passed so Superintendent, Tim Johnson gave an update on the budget. As of right now, the budget for the upcoming school year is not yet balanced, but as an administration they are diving into it now.

Johnson said that as of right now they do know all the staff salaries, health benefits, and have a solid staff list hired minus the Transportation Director, which will be hired soon so all of the big ducks are in a row right now and that lends a strong helping hand in working towards that balanced budget.

Comments from Tim Johnson

“The Project Oversight Committee (P.O.C.) met to continue planning and development for the referendum projects and the addition of a softball field on school grounds. It was determined that the future location of the softball field is proving to be difficult given consideration for ground contour, school forest, designated wetland areas, and locations of other school fields. The architects are exploring an area east of the high school parking lot at current time.”

“The state allowed us to develop a trust for payment of post employment benefits for the fund 73. The trust was a good idea when the school had ongoing post employment debt as it allowed some flexibility to the district in maintaining a stable budget to pay retirees. The trust helped offset high cost years to help reduce the impact on the yearly fund 10 budget. With the current district plan to phase out post employment benefits, the fund 73 is no longer needed. The district is in contact with DPI, our auditors, and legal counsel to dissolve the trust, now adding more flexibility to fund 10 in paying employees. With the future elimination of post employment benefits, the district will be able to utilize the yearly cost as needed by increasing salary or adding additional staff.”