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On a Hot July Night: Red Cedar Speedway results from July 10, 2015

by Brad Erickson

MENOMONIE — The Red Cedar Speedway was in action on Friday, July 10, 2015, as Dirt Track Specialties, Autism Awareness, and Baxter’s Speed Shop present the WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Late Models, along with the Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stocks and Value Implement Hornets.  Feature winners included Mike Prochnow, Matt Leer, Eric Olson, Grant Southworth, Kori Richter, Jason Havel, and Jeremy Johnson.

The T.L. Sinz Plumbing Late Models were owned by Mike Prochnow as he swept the nights action.  It was Buddy Hanestad starting inside of Prochnow in the feature, and as Prochnow drove off into the night, Buddy Hanestad raced Rick Hanestad for several laps before his dad took the position.  With about 15 laps into the event, Buddy spun in turn two and gave up his strong running third position and eliminating a half track lead for Prochnow.  With Rick Hanestad and Scott Gilberts lined up behind on the restart, Prochnow had no issues and made quick work of the remaining laps.  Rick Hanestad pulled away from Gilberts in third as Joel Collins and Buddy Hanestad rounded out the top five.

The Tim’s Automotive Modified heats were won by Ashley Anderson and Kevin Adams as Matt Leer and Jay Richardson held the front row feature.  Leer immediately moved to the lead as Dave Baxter followed to second.  Ashley Anderson closed and passed into second before the only slowing of the race occurred when Kerry Halopka spun.  Leer lead off the restart as Ashley Anderson and Baxter battled side by side for position.  Baxter moved to second and closed to battle for the lead but Leer held on for the feature win.  Baxter was a close second over Ashley Anderson, Kevin Adams, and Mike Anderson.

Two Johnson Motors Super Stocks heats were won by Mike Anderson and Eric Olson as Rick Hallquist and Olson paced the feature field.  Olson drove to the lead as Anderson went to the high side and chased in second.  Anderson drove to the lead but a spinning Chad Gullixson reset the field and restored Olson to the lead.  This was the break Olson needed as he stayed out front the remainder of the race for the feature win.  Anderson challenged the entire distance, pulling even on the backstretch multiple times but Olson didn’t falter.  With two laps remaining Anderson, who had seemingly covered every inch of track seeking an advantage lost some ground as Olson moved out to a few car length advantage to the finish.  Eighth starting Jason Forehand closed and finished a strong third.  Bart Steffen and Lucas Plank rounded out the top five.

The Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modified heat winners were Jake Smith, Nick Koehler, and Dave Shackleton as a pair of 19’s sat on the front row with Antonio Pintaro and Josh Wahlstrom.  Wahlstrom took the initial lead from the outside as Shackleton and Grant Southworth closed from their outside row starting positions.  The three went three wide as Southworth motored to the lead and Shackleton moved to second.  Nick Koehler took third away from Wahlstrom and the action was slowed for a spinning Mitch Booth.  Southworth continued to run strong out front as cars raced two wide behind him until eleventh starting Shane Halopka joined making it a three car race for second.  The paced was slowed one last time as Karl Kolek spun in turn four and Ryan Johnson was tagged for the foul.  Southworth lead again, and as drivers went three wide for second, Shackleton was shuffled out of the mix and Koehler closed and challenged for the lead.  Southworth was first to the line followed by Koehler, Halopka, Jake Smith, and Austin Ellis.

Conrad’s Auto Salvage Street Stock heats were won by Sam Fankhauser and Cody Kummer as the very tough duo of Ron Hanestad and Danny Richards held the front row of the feature.  Hanestad drove to the lead as Richards challenged; however, Hanestad moved up to try the high line and opened the door behind him.  Adam Soltis first overtook second and then the leader as Kummer followed to second.  Suddenly Kori Richter made his presence known and swept inside all, charging into the lead.  At the halfway point, Richter continued in the front challenged by Soltis as Hunter VanGilder and Kummer fought for third.  Kummer eventually dropped out of the race as Richter stretched his lead over the second finishing Soltis.  Further behind, VanGilder earned the third position after the three car battle with Hanestad and fifth finishing Fankhauser.

The Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stocks heats were won by Jason Havel and Mike Grover as Cody Tisdale and Pat Smith were on the front row of the main event.  Smith took an early lead as sixth starting Jason Hovel closed to challenge and move to the point.  Brett Myers took over second position and began to close the large gap made by Hovel.  Hovel began to stretch his lead to the checkers as Myers moved away from Smith.  Smith too had a significant lead over fourth finishing Kent Harmon as Jesse Bryan finished fifth in a caution free event.

The Value Implement Hornets heats were won by William Voeltz and Jeremy Johnson as Johnson and Lucas Wolf paced the feature.  Again, Johnson drove to the lead and was chased by Voeltz the entire distance to the checkered flag.  The race was stopped on three occasions for cautions with one of them eventually eliminating the strong running Leslie Jackson.  It was Wolf finishing third as Bradly York and Derrick Johnson rounded out the top five.

Red Cedar Speedway returns to racing action on Friday, July 17, 2015, as Snap-On by Aaron Wold and Quality Auto Body, Inc. present the WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Late Models, along with the Pure Stocks and Hornets.

T.L. Sinz Plumbing Late Model Feature: Prochnow, R. Hanestad, Gilberts, Collins, B. Hanestad

Heat One: Mike Prochnow, Rick Hanestad, Scott Gilberts, Buddy Hanestad, Joel Collins

Tim’s Automotive Modified Feature: Leer, Baxter, A. Anderson, Adams, M. Anderson, Glenz, Richardson, Hanson, Hallquist, Eder, Halopka, Williams, Jonson

Heat One: Ashley Anderson, Mike Anderson, Jesse Glenz, Steve Hallquist, Kerry Halopka, Cory Williams, Mark Hanson

Heat Two: Kevin Adams, David Baxter, Jay Richardson, Matt Leer, Robbie Johnson, Kevin Eder

Johnson Motors Super Stock Feature: Olson, Anderson, Forehand, Steffen, Plank, Watkins, Redetzke, Spacek, Hallquist, Hesselink, Falkner, Gullixson DNF

Heat One: Mike Anderson, Jason Forehand, Eric Olson, Rick Hallquist, Lucas Plank, Mike Hesselink

Heat Two: Jesse Redetzke, Bart Steffen, Tony Falkner, Gunnar Watkins, Cole Spacek, Chad Gullixson

Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modified Feature: Southworth, Nick Koehler, Halopka, Smith, Ellis, Pintaro, Kolek, Shackleton, Johnson, Knudtson, Baxter, Booth, Hessler, R. Johnson, Elliot, Hanson, Wood DNF, Anderson DNF, Wahlstrom DNF, Voeltz DNF

Heat One: Jake Smith, Josh Wahlstrom, Antonio Pintaro, Austin Ellis, Michael Knudtson, Bob Wood, Craig Elliott

Heat Two: Nick Koehler, Travis Anderson, Grant Southworth, Shane Halopka, Ryan Johnson, Karl Kolek, Jake Hanson

Heat Three: Dave Shackleton, Kent Baxter, Kyle Johnson, Brent Voeltz, Mitchell Booth, Josh Hessler

Conrad’s Auto Salvage Street Stock Feature: Richter, Soltis, VanGilder, Hanestad, Fankhauser, T. Wahlstrom, J. Kesan, S. Wahlstrom, M. Kesan, Kummer DNF, Richards DNF

Heat One: Cody Kummer, Adam Soltis, Danny Richards, Ron Hanestad, Tyler Wahlstrom, Mitch Kesan

Heat Two: Sam Fankhauser, Simon Wahlstrom, Kori Richter, Jay Kesan, Hunter VanGilder

Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stock Feature: Havel, Myers, Smith, Harmon, Bryan, Grover, Swearingen, Barta, Tisdale DNF, Holmstrom DNG

Heat One: Jason Havel, Kent Harmon, Krista Swearingen, Brett Myers, Jack Barta

Heat Two: Mike Grover, Jesse Bryan, Pat Smith, Cody Tisdale, Robert Holmstrom

Value Implement Hornets Feature: J. Johnson, Voeltz, Wolf, York, D. Johnson, C. Waldera, Berger, Langer, Komro, Pronschinske, Butler, A. Waldera DNF, Jackson DNF, Kadinger DNF

Heat One: Jeremy Johnson, Leslie Jackson, Alex Waldera, Chad Waldera, Bradley York, Jordan Langer, Dean Butler

Heat Two: William Voeltz, Austin Berger, Derrick Johnson, Lucas Wolf, Darrell Komro, Dillon Pronschinske, Kevin Kadinger