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Franklin returns from international trip

Local Glenwood City student Wesley Franklin has just returned from a study abroad trip that began in New Orleans and then continued onto France. There were around 25 people in the group attending the trip that spanned 10 days.

In New Orleans, Wesley spent three days at the National World War II  museum. There he toured all of the museum’s pavilions and went to lectures given by a Nicholls State University professor, along with meeting the author of Target Tokyo, James M. Scott and talking to World War II veterans. The group also got to handle World War II artifacts and go in an actual Sherman tank, the main battle tank of the United States in World War II. After spending three days there, the group flew over to France. On the first day, they toured all of the sites in Paris, including the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. From Paris, they moved onto Bayeux and Normandy. There the group toured all of the sites in Normandy dealing with D-Day and the Normandy Campaign in World War II, including Omaha and Utah Beaches, Pointe du Hoc, an American and German cemetery in Normandy, and an assortment of museums and other historic sites. The students were able to see first hand the difficulties that the Allies had in landing and the German defenses. Wesley had a great time on this trip and would like to thank all of the people, organizations, and businesses that helped sponsor him for this trip. The help was much appreciated and helped Wesley get the most from this great experience.