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Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board urges consumers to drink milk with mew Milk-isms campaign

MADISON – Consumers throughout Wisconsin will hear and see the latest campaign from Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) reminding consumers of the uniquely delicious, natural nutrition offered by white milk. The campaign, which speaks to parents, features a series of Milk-isms—well-known sayings that have to do with milk.

According to consumer research, adults understand the benefits of drinking milk and making a healthy beverage choice, but with all of the beverage options in the marketplace they need to be reminded of milk’s nine essential nutrients and why they should serve milk to their children. The new campaign provides this reminder by eliciting childhood memories of milk consumption through a humorous and nostalgic approach.

“Most of the memories associated with drinking milk are happy ones like kids enjoying milk and cookies or family talks over the dinner table,” said Dave Bavlnka, vice president of advertising at WMMB. “We hope that when parents hear and see these ads they remember those times and are reminded of milk’s longevity and nutritional value for themselves and their families.”

The campaign, in market now through September 2015, includes four Milk-isms shared through radio spots and Facebook advertisements. Radio spots will run on 48 stations in all major and many secondary Wisconsin radio markets, delivering more than 10,000 spots with an estimated reach of 83.4% of the target audience—adults 25-49 years of age. The Milk-isms include:

• Drink your milk, it’s good for you

• There’s no use in crying over spilled milk

• Milk it for all it’s worth

• Milk and cookies

For additional information about WMMB or Wisconsin dairy products, contact Heather Porter Engwall at or 608-203-7235.