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Two arrested in burglary case in Dunn County

Today, June 10, 2015 at 1:15 p.m. the Dunn County 9-1-1 Center received a call from a resident of the Town of Peru in southern Dunn County. They were calling to report a burglary in progress taking place at the complainant’s neighbor’s property. Deputies for the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the scene. The assistance was also asked from a DNR Warden who was in the area and the Wisconsin State Patrol.

The caller was reporting that two male subjects stopped and asked for something to eat and drink. They did not know the two men and noted that they arrived by boat on the river. The caller gave the two men something to eat and drink and the two men left by boat. When they left, the caller watched and noticed the two men stopped at the neighbor’s property where a cabin and a shed are located. The two men began trying to break into a building on the property so the caller notified authorities of the incident.

Deputies and a trooper arrived in the area while a deputy and the DNR warden approached by boat. The deputy and warden eventually caught up to the suspect boat and the two men were arrested without incident. The two suspects were taken to the Dunn County Jail and are charged with attempted burglary. Both men claim to be homeless at this time.

The two men arrested are Cassey Pavlin and Lawrence Pelley. No further information at this time is available at this time.