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End of the year report shows Glenwood City Elementary Students excelling

GLENWOOD CITY — At the Board Meeting Monday night, Elementary Principal Betsy Haltinner shared that, “86 percent of students were able to move to the next level with 44 percent of the target group now demonstrating proficiency”.

This statement was made during Haltinner’s update on the Educator Effectiveness progress. At the start of the school year, students were sitting at the lowest level measuring a zero percent.

Over the course of the school year, a majority of the students progressed two stages into the proficient level through the curriculum set in place.

These figures are a way to showcase that students are not only learning, but they are excelling in the Glenwood City Elementary.

“The goal was for 50 percent of students in target groups to show growth by moving one benchmark level above where they were in the Fall,” explained Haltinner.

Haltinner was also excited to announce that the new playground equipment is being set up. An image of what the finished project will be can be seen along side the article.

Volunteers are working to set the new equipment and then lay wood chips throughout the area. There will also be a large, new sand box created near the top of the stairs outside the Elementary entrance.

In other news, Haltinner informed the Board about the hiring process for the new teacher in the 1-8 grade ability range. The District received 60 applications and there are seven selected to be interviewed.

The Board was also informed of Mike Mounce’s resignation as head of transportation. He has served the District for many years and he will be greatly missed.

Superintendent Tim Johnson stated that there will be a posting for his position immediately with the intent of having a person of interest to bring forth to the Board in July.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 22 at 6:30 p.m.