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An Outdoorsman’s Journal – 6-10-2015

by Mark Walters

Adventure on Green Bay

Hello friends,

The trip I am about to write about is one of those short go for it experiences that I really enjoy doing. In a nutshell, I drove to Little Suamico which is just north of Green Bay, launched my 16-foot boat and did not get out of it for 24-hours.

Wednesday, May 20th
High 52, low 33

My boat is narrow and not deep. That has been a problem for me many times when I am on big water, it would be on this trip, especially since I was alone.

My plan, rig up two poles with Flicker Shads and one with a crawler harness, troll where ever I wanted to, catch lots of walleye and sleep in my boat.

I rigged my poles at the boat landing at Suamico today and as usual pumped the people getting off the water for info. The most common info, “do not go out there, it is too windy”.

While I am working my way down the river leading to the bay, I see a couple in a much larger boat then mine that was launching when I arrived. They are heading back to the landing and told me not to do it, too windy!

I hit the bay and the seas are high but do-able as long as nothing goes wrong and my bilge pump works. I make the decision that this is going to be a no standing, only on the knees adventure, try doing that and setting three poles and driving your boat!

Possibly the most real of all dark clouds is that another cold spell has hit Wisconsin and all reports are of a non-bite.

So I am setting lines, my graph does not want to work and my power trim dies! I am working down wind and put out a black, Flicker Shad, a fire tiger FS and a fire tiger “floating crawler harness” on a 1.5 ounce bottom bouncer. The cranks are on planer boards.

Down wind I use a drift sock to keep me from moving too fast. Up wind I pull the sock and take on about a cup of water with each wave “without the bilge pump I would sink or be at shore”!

I have been fishing maybe two hours; have not seen anyone catch a thing and actually having a great time. I thought I saw my right planer with the black Flicker acting up and wowza, it has an 11-perch on it, the skunk is off.

An hour later I am in survival mode and enjoying a PBR, when it would appear that my fire tiger Flicker on the left planer has some activity. Before I grab the pole I head down wind, so my other two lines are not in the way and then check out my hopeful bite which after an icredible on the knees fight, reel, steer boat, reel, steer boat, attempt to take off planer board, steer boat, reel, net fish has a beautiful walleye on it.

My efforts rewarded me with a 23-inch walleye. Ya Baby I am Da Man! My only other catch today was a humongous sheephead. Two hours after dark, I anchored in very shallow water next to Long Tail Point.

I used my propane lantern, listened to WAPL, drank another PBR and ate a pint of homemade salsa before retiring to the floor of my boat.

Thursday, May 21st
High 61, low 33

Today was a day of sticking with the plan and putting in the hours. I trolled for three hours and did not have any action, nor did I see anyone else catch a fish. Then I tried drifting and used two planer boards and one pole without.

The seas were high so I used my drift sock and was only at it 15-minutes when the pole without a board started a steady bend. Big smile when I felt a fish, and even bigger when, once again from my knees, I netted a walleye and this one was 22-inches.

For the next six hours I drifted and trolled. I did not get a hit and the seas became very nasty as storms were approaching.

My last walleye came while trolling on a purple Flicker Shad and was another 22-incher.

The trip up the Suamico was a victory ride! When I trailered my boat and while cleaning out my rig I did not talk to one fisherman that had caught a keeper.

The drive to Necedah was totally exhausting, in a crazy kind of way and late that night Selina and I had walleye for dinner.

Before you know it, you will be dead, enjoy your time on this earth! Sunset