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Boyceville Middle School students earn Presidential Physical Fitness awards

The Boyceville Middle School students test fitness in the fall and spring in five areas: 1 minute sit-up test, V-sit and reach, Shuttle Run, Pull-ups/Flexed Arm Hang, and the 1 mile run.  The students who scored at or above the 50th percentile (according to their age and gender) in all five tests are being recognized for their accomplishments.  Students scoring at or above the 85th percentile in all five tests are recognized at the “Presidential Level”, students above the 50th percentile in all five tests are recognized at the “National Level.”

Presidential Award Winners (85th percentile): Andrew Akers (spring), Emma Bygd (spring), Tara Gunnufson (spring), Logan Knudtson (spring), Jaida Peterson (fall and spring), Jaden Reisimer (fall and spring), Brendan Sempf (spring), Levi Watson (fall).

National Award Winners (50 percentile): Kyra Benson (spring), Andreya Moore (fall and spring), Josh Briese (spring), Brady Nye (spring), Tia Dryden (fall and spring), Hunter Nye (spring), Ana Evenson (fall and spring), Amber Retzloff (spring), Nick Goodell (spring), Brock Schlough (fall and spring), Devon Gray (spring), Betty Swanepoel (spring), Dylan Hakanson (spring), Brendan Sempf (fall), Megan Hintzman (spring), Mark Timper (fall), Hannah Johnson  (spring), Levi Watson (spring), Sarah Kapsner (spring), Kawuan Wilson (spring), William Link (spring), Jasmine Windsor (spring), Braxton Ludtke (spring), Maggie Wyss (spring), Kenny Mayer (spring), Kolby Mayer  (spring).