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Alexa Peterson: Boyceville High School’s 2015 salutatorian

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE  — Out of all of the memories from high school, Alexa Peterson will cherish the Coaches vs. Cancer basketball games to raise money for cancer research.

Alexa is the salutatorian of the Boyceville High School Class of 2015.

She is the daughter of Grant and Keri Peterson of Menomonie.

Alexa says she has worked hard in school and that doing well was an expectation she had for herself.

“The adults around me have taught me to try my best in whatever I was doing. Early on in school, I always enjoyed school and wanted to get good grades,” she said.

“When I started high school, I continued that pattern and doing well in school just became an expectation I had for myself. I knew I had to keep up that pattern if I wanted to go on to college,” Alexa said.

“Throughout high school, I definitely worked hard to be where I am today. It is an honor to be the salutatorian of my graduating class at Boyceville High School. I hope I have been an example to students younger than me that determination and hard work can get you where you want to be,” she said.

Sporting events were among the most memorable for Alexa in high school, and the Coaches vs. Cancer events were particularly memorable.

“I was lucky enough to participate in many sporting events. Every year I was in high school, the Boyceville Girls’ Basketball team planned a Coaches vs. Cancer night where we raised money for cancer research,” Alexa said.

“Every year, the event got bigger and bigger. More people came to support our cause and watch us play ball. For me, it wasn’t about winning or losing, it was about bringing our small community together for the common goal of helping others,” she said.

“I will never forget the feeling of entering a crowded gym where people came to watch us play basketball and help raise money to fight the terrible disease that kills thousands of people each year,” Alexa said.

Civics and Sociology were among Alexa’s favorite classes, along with Biology and Physiology and Anatomy.

“I really enjoyed Civics and Sociology with Mr. Engel because he makes class interesting by relating the topics to our everyday lives,” she said, adding, “he has great stories to share that can get a good laugh out of everyone in the classroom.”

“Civics taught me about our government, and it has made me a much more informed citizen. Mr. Engel can be a demanding teacher, but I believe that is helping better me for college,” Alexa said.

In Biology and Physiology and Anatomy, “Mr. Skrove has high expectations and teaches us something new every day. I especially liked that he shares great information with the class and prepares lots of lab activities that provided hands on learning. Mr. Skrove really cares about his students and he wants everyone to succeed,” Alexa said.

Alexa’s activities during high school included basketball (all four years); class officer — vice president (sophomore year); Family Career and Community Leaders of American (FCCLA) (sophomore, junior and senior) (vice president junior year; president senior year); National Honor Society (junior and senior); Science Olympiad (sophomore); softball (all four years); student council (sophomore, junior and senior); and volleyball (all four years).

“I loved participating in sports in high school because I met a lot of new people, not only from my school but surrounding areas as well. The girls on the teams I played on have become my really close friends, and I know I can rely on them. Sports gave me something to look forward to after a long day in the classroom, and they have taught me many valuable life lessons,” Alexa said.

After spending so much of her free time in school on sports, Alexa is looking forward to having free time this summer to spend as she chooses. She also plans to work over the summer to save money for college.

“During high school, I spent much of my free time in sporting activities. This summer, I look forward to having free time to spend with friends and family enjoying the outdoors, going to a concert and just hanging out without a lot of commitments before school starts in the fall,” Alexa said.

Alexa plans to attend UW-LaCrosse where she will pursue a degree in Physical Therapy or Radiation Therapy.

“While in high school, math and science classes have always been a strength of mine, and I want to use my talents to help others in the medical field. I want to work with patients and hopefully  make a difference in their lives,” she said.

Alexa said she chose UW-LaCrosse because of the facilities, a great community, and “outstanding medical programs.”

“From my first visit to UWL, the school just seemed like a good fit for me. I’ve just always felt safe and welcome while being there. I am really excited for my future, and I look forward to the new challenges and experiences of college,” she said.