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Toppers Track: Klatt wins girls’ discus, Todd Petersen places in three events

Junior Rachel Klatt won the discus and placed second in the shot put while senior Todd Petersen placed and scored points in three events to lead their respective Glenwood City Track and Field teams at a nine-team invite at St. Croix Central Tuesday, May 5.

The Hilltoppers also competed in the Amery Invitational on Thursday, May 7 but only about a half dozen events had been completed when a lightning-filled thunder storm moved through the area and forced the cancellation of the rest of the meet.

Glenwood City competed in Colfax yesterday (May 12) and will wrap up the regular season with a home meet tomorrow (Thursday, May 14). The Dunn-St. Croix Conference meet will be held next Tuesday, May 19 at Colfax High School. Boyceville will host regionals on Tuesday, May 26 and the sectional meet will be in Colfax on Friday, May 29.

SCC Invitational

Rachel Klatt earned the Hilltoppers lone first-place finish at Amery when she flung the discus 93’ 9.5” to win the event. She also took second in the shot put with a heave of 34’ 8”.

Morgan Kadinger placed third in the high jump, Mariah Voeltz took a fifth in the 110 meter high hurdles and seventh in the long jump and Gabby Peterson and Elizabeth Wink placed sixth in the 100 meter dash and high jump respectively.

The Glenwood City girls also placed in all four relay events including a first place effort in the 4 x 100 meters to finish fifth out of nine teams with 61.5 points.

Todd Petersen ran and jumped his way to scoring finishes in three events. The senior took third in the 110 meter high hurdles and a pair of fifths in the long and triple jumps.

Jake Kopacz placed fourth in  the 200 meters, Riley Schutz and Wesley Franklin scored sixth place finishes in the 1,600 meters and 400 meters respectively and Jack Kremer was seventh in the 200 meters.

The boys also scored points in all of their relays – 4th in the 4 x 800, 5th in the 4 x 200, 6th in the 4 x 400 and 7th in the 4 x 100 meters – to finish eighth in the final standings with 46.5 points.

GIRLS TEAM RANKINGS: 1. Osceola, 153.5; 2. Prescott, 102; 3. Cumberland, 101.5; 4. Ellsworth, 86.5; 5. Glenwood
City, 61.5
; 6. Elmwood/Plum City, 60.5; 7. Spring Valley, 57.5; 8. St. Croix Central, 40; 9. Frederic/Luck, 37

BOYS TEAM RANKINGS: 1. Osceola, 160; 2. St. Croix Central, 91; 3. Frederic/Luck, 90; 4. Spring Valley, 76.3333; 5. Ellsworth, 70.3333; 6. Elmwood/Plum City, 65.3333; 7. Prescott, 58; 8. Glenwood City, 46.5; 9. Cumberland 41.5

GIRLS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 4×800 Meter Relay: 5. GC, 11:04.82 (Morgan Kadinger, Elizabeth Wink, Makayla O’Brien, Kaitlin Konder). 100 Meter Hurdles: 5. Mariah Voeltz, GC, 18.18; 11. Maya Petersen, GC, 19.59. 100 Meter Dash: 6. Gabby Petersen, GC, 14.41; 16. Madeline Wagner, GC, 21.00. 1600 Meter Run: 8. Makayla O’Brien, GC, 6:21.52; 9. Kaitlin Konder, GC, 6:26.84. 4×200 Meter Relay: 4. GC, 1:58.43 (Megan Speiser, Macie Rasmussen, Maya Petersen, Gabby Petersen). 400 Meter Dash: 9. Megan Speiser, GC, 1:11.45. 4×100 Meter Relay: 1. GC, 54.08 (Jennifer Kopacz, Gabby Petersen, Mariah Voeltz, Morgan Kadinger). 800 Meter Run: 8. Elizabeth Wink, GC, 3:00.01. 200 Meter Dash: 14. Macie Rasmussen, GC, 1:04.65; 16. Ellen Lindquist, GC, 1:06.62. 4×400 Meter Relay: 4. GC, 4:32.58 (Jennifer Kopacz, Morgan Kadinger, Maya Petersen, Macie Rasmussen). High Jump: 3. Morgan Kadinger, GC, 4-10.00; 6. Elizabeth Wink, GC, 4-06.00. Pole Vault: 9. Kaitlin Konder, GC, 6-06.00. Long Jump: 7. Mariah Voeltz, GC, 14-06.75; 12. Ellen Lindquist, GC, 13-01.00. Discus Throw: 1. Rachel Klatt, GC, 93-09.50; 17. Savanhah Kessler, GC, 50-05. Shot Put: 2. Rachel Klatt, GC, 34-08.00; 16. Savanhah Kessler, GC, 17-01.75

BOYS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 4×800 Meter Relay: 4. GC, 9:10.74 (Marcus Kadinger, Riley Schutz, Jack Kremer, Wesley Franklin). 110 Meter Hurdles: 3. Todd Petersen, GC, 18.01. 100 Meter Dash: 10. Darian Muthauf, GC, 12.82; 16. Fuechee Vang, GC, 13.29. 1600 Meter Run: 6. Riley Schutz, GC, 5:18.25; 12. Owen Wagner, GC, 5:37.23. 4×200 Meter Relay: 5. GC, 1:41.63 (Darian Muthauf, Ethan Kahler, Todd Petersen, Jacob Kopacz). 400 Meter Dash: 6. Wesley Franklin, GC, 57.28. 4×100
Meter Relay: 
7. GC, 49.83 (Darian Muthauf, Jacob Kopacz, Fuechee Vang, Ethan Kahler). 800 Meter Run: 11. Matt Bauman, GC, 2:29.35; 14. Lugwig Canonge, GC, 2:40.91.  200 Meter Dash: 4. Jacob Kopacz, GC, 24.96; 7. Jack Kremer, GC, 25.76. 3200 Meter Run: 8. Andrew Bauman, GC, 12:41.17; 9. Corey Klatt, GC, 12:50.97. 4×400 Meter Relay: 6. GC, 4:01.84 (Matt Bauman, Riley Schutz, Wesley Franklin, Jack Kremer). High Jump: 6. Marcus Kadinger, GC, 5-06.00. Pole Vault: 8. Nick Schone, GC, 8-06.00. Long Jump: 5. Todd Petersen, GC, 18-11.75; 14. Ethan Kahler, GC, 16-01.75. Triple Jump: 5. Todd Petersen, GC, 37-07.00. Discus Throw: 15. Austin Wannemacher, GC, 79-01; 17. Corey Klatt, GC, 51-00.50. Shot Put: 16. Austin Wannemacher, GC, 31-02.50; 18. Corey Klatt, GC, 19-11.75

Amery Invitational

The Hilltopper boys scored points in four of six events and the girls in three of the five events at the weather-shortened Amery Invitational on May 7.

Todd Petersen was the runner-up in the 110 meter high hurdles with a time of :16.99 and copped a seventh in the triple jump to score 10 of the Glenwood City boys 18 points, good for sixth place in the 12-team meet.

Riley Schutz took sixth in the 1,600 meters and the 4 x 800 m relay squad finished fourth to account for the boys others points.

Andrew Bauman and Corey Klatt also ran in the 1,600 meters, finishing 15th and 17th respectively.

Rachel Klatt finished a mere two inches short of the top effort in the girls’ shot put as she took home the silver with a heave of 35’ 3.25”.

Mariah Voeltz ran to a seventh place finish in the 100 meter high hurdles (:19.96) and the girls’ 4 x 800 m relay team placed fourth.

The Lady Toppers finished with 15 points, which ranked fifth in the final standings.

Gabby Peterson finished 15th in the 100 meters.