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GC fifth graders complete CounterAct class

GLENWOOD CITY -— Fifth grade students in the Glenwood City Elementary School recently completed the CounterAct course.

Students in Nicole Brite’s and Tristan Kittilson’s fifth grade classes graduated from the week-long course taught by Glenwood City Police Chief Robert Darwin on April 27.

CounterAct is a six-session curriculum designed to involve police officers, schools, and families in preventing children from using alcohol and other drugs and helping children avoid using violence as a means of solving problems.

CounterAct teaches students in grades 4, 5, and 6 specific skills they can use to resist alcohol, other drugs, and violence, and offers young people a supportive community that strengthens the protective factors in their lives.

CounterAct is an interactive, skill-based curriculum.

Students learn specific skills that they can apply in real-life situations, and they will demonstrate these skills before graduating from the CounterAct program.

The curriculum uses a variety of activities designed to encourage a high level of interaction among police officers, students, and parents. These include: 1) student activities, including homework assignments to be done with parents or other adults, 2) poster activities to be used in the classroom and the parent/guardian session and 3) a set of slides or a PowerPoint presentation that provides structure and organization to the program.

CounterAct’s goals and objectives are to help students in grades 4, 5 and 6 learn skills to make positive choices and resist pressures to engage in risky behaviors such as drinking, smoking, using other drugs, or becoming violent.

CounterAct joins local police departments, elementary schools, and parents in a cooperative effort to help young people live healthy lives.

As a result of participating in this program, students will…

• Give examples of the negative consequences of violent behavior and drug use

• List forces that influence people’s behavior

• Demonstrate CounterAct skills students can use to resist negative influences

• View police officers as approachable and helpful

• Be motivated to choose healthy and safe activities

As a result of participating in this program, families will…

• Describe problems with violence, drinking, smoking, and other drug use in their community

• Identify the importance of family influence in preventing children from engaging in risky behaviors

• Reinforce the belief that police are a source of help

• Talk with their children about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

As a result of participating in this program, police officers will…

• Forge new partnerships in the community

• Meet and interact with young people and their families to foster prevention

• Demonstrate that police can be a source of help in the community