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Track Crew victorious at Red Cedar Speedway

by Brad Erickson

MENOMONIE — Heavy rain on Thursday and cool, cloudy, and windy conditions on Friday had the crew at the Red Cedar Speedway scrambling to prepare for racing action. Upon their success, Trail Dodge Chrysler Jeep and Thunderhill Speedway sponsored the WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Late Models along with the Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stocks and Value Implement Hornets. Feature winners included Mike Prochnow, Jesse Glenz, Mike Anderson, Jake Smith, Ron Hanestad, Jesse Bryan, and Jeremy Johnson.

The T.L. Sinz Plumbing Late Models entered the track with heat winner Jimmy Mars starting fifth on the field as pole sitter Jake Redetzke was flanked by Mike Prochnow on the front row. Prochnow immediately powered to the lead, and as he was chased by Redetzke, a terrific battle for third ensued as Darrel Nelson, John Kaanta, and Mars fought for the position. By the halfway point, the race had settled in with Prochnow having a comfortable lead over Redetzke and Kaanta having earned third. However, Mars found speed later in the race and took over third and tried to track down Redetzke. There were not enough laps remaining as Prochnow won his first of the year in relatively convincing fashion over Redetzke, Mars, Kaanta, and Nelson. The Late Models welcomed their newest competitor as Buddy Hanestad made a respectable run in his first ever WISSOTA sanction division, the Late Models, none the less.

The Tim’s Automotive Modifieds heat winners Darrel Nelson started the feature fourth and Jesse Glenz on the pole. Glenz was flanked by Bill Byholm at the start as Glenz blasted into the lead and off unchallenged for the convincing victory. The racing action was heavy from second on back as Cory Mahder, Ashley Anderson, and Darrel Nelson fought for position. A lap 14 caution relegated Kerry Halopka to the rear of the field. The remaining four laps saw Glenz dominate as Ashley Anderson won a spirited battle for second over Mahder. Nelson and Matt Leer rounded out the top five.

With the Johnson Motors Super Stocks heat winners Jesse Redetzke and Jason Forehand mired deep in row four, the front row of Tony Falkner and Rick Hallquist led the field to green. Tony Falkner started strong at the point and led until third starting Mike Anderson found room on the inside to sneak into the lead. As Anderson tried to drive away from Bart Stephen, Falkner, and hard charging Forehand and Redetzke battled for third. With six laps scored, Hallquist couldn’t get clear of the racing surface as he suffered mechanical woes. On the restart, Anderson showed the battle would be for second as he drove to a comfortable lead. However, a spinning Tom Karris tightened the group as Gunner Watkins was charged with the caution. Again, on the final restart, Anderson charged on to a solid victory over Stephan, Redetzke, Forehand, and the twelfth starting Lukas Plank.

The Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modifieds entered feature action with heat winners Austin Ellis starting fourth, Grant Southworth fifth, and Travis Anderson in ninth. Pole sitter Brad Seavers and Dave Shackelton led the field to green as Smith made a three wide move and drove off into the lead. A lap five caution for a spinning Josh Hessler reset the field, but again, Smith controlled the start over Shackelton as Southworth had worked to third, Mike Truscott to fourth, and Travis Anderson cracked the top five. One lap later, Bob Wood stalled on the backstretch and after the stoppage in action, Smith resumed at the point. Southworth overtook second, and Anderson drove to third. One the final circuit, Southworth made a last ditch effort to drive into the corner hard to attempt to take the lead but Smith held his own. He was followed to the line by Southworth, Anderson, Truscott, and Shackelton.

The Conrad’s Auto Salvage Street Stocks took to the track with heat winner Sam Fankhauser on the outside of row two as Hunter VanGilder and Mike Knudtson owned the front row. Immediately Knudtson drove to the lead as VanGilder won a battle for second and closed to challenge. On lap five, a spinning Cody Kummer sent Fankhauser to the rear on a restart and Adam Soltis was eliminated in the resulting contact. On the restart, Kummer and Knudtson’s cars got hooked together and VanGilder drove to the lead. However, a spinning Kolby Kiehl drew another caution and Knudtson regained the point. Again on the restart, VanGilder challenged for the point on the inside as cars battled three wide directly behind. Ron Hanestad made his presence known as he found his way to second and hounded the leader hard. Knudtson dropped out of competition along with Kummer and on the final lap, VanGilder pushed up the track in turn two and Hanestad pounced for the lead. Hanestad drove home for the victory followed by VanGilder, Fankhauser, Kiehl, and Cooper Berlin.

The Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stock heat winner Jesse Bryan swept the nights action, winning the feature from fourth starting position. Ron Hoffman and Brett Myers led them to the start as Myers took the early lead followed by Bryan, George Richards, and Jason Hovel. Bryan made a strong pass on the low side for the point on lap five and one lap later, Myers found himself turned around hard into the backstretch wall. As Myers night came to an end, Hovel was flagged with the caution. Bryan led the remainder of the race although Richards ran a close second. Kent Harmon finished third, Hovel recovered to fourth, and Cody Tisdale was scored fifth at the finish.

Once again, the Value Implement Hornets proved popular as 17 cars came to race with heat winners William Voeltz and Jeremy Johnson starting on the outside of rows three and four. Darrell Komro and Leslie Jackson were in the front row as action went four wide on the start. A lap two caution reset the field with Komro at the point. Voeltz raced Jackson for second as Johnson closed on the battle. Voeltz found the lead but Johnson closed and the two battled door to door for the lead as Johnson inched his way to the front. A final caution resulted in a green, white, checkered restart at which Johnson cruised to the win over Voeltz, Komro, Sean Svee, and Jess Seim.

Red Cedar Speedway returns to racing action on Friday, May 15, 2015 as J&D Manufacturing brings you the WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Late Models along with the Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stocks and Value Implement Hornets.

T.L. Sinz Plumbing Late Model Feature: Prochnow, Redetzke, Mars, Kaanta, Nelson, Diemel, Goodremote, B. Hanestad, R. Hanestad DQ

Heat One: Jimmy Mars, Darrell Nelson, Jake Redetzke, John Kaanta, Mike Prochnow, Mike Goodremote, Rick Hanestad, AJ Diemel, Buddy Hanestad

Tim’s Automotive Modified Feature: Glenz, A. Anderson, Mahder, Nelson, Leer, Byholm, M. Anderson, Bellfeuille, Johnson, Halopka, Hanson DNF, Hallquist DNF, Eder DNF, Brightbill DNF, Balduc DNS

Heat One: Darrell Nelson, Ashley Anderson, Cory Mahder, Matt Leer, Mike Anderson, Jody Bellfeuille, Steve Hallquist, Robbie Johnson

Heat Two: Jesse Glenz, Kerry Halopka, William Byholm, Kevin Eder, Don Brightbill, Neil Balduc DNS

Johnson Motors Super Stock Feature: Anderson, Steffen, Redetzke, Forehand, Plank, Smith, Karis, Gullixson, Falkner, Baskin, Stark, Watkins DNF, Hallquist DNF

Heat One: Jesse Redetzke, Bart Steffen, Gunnar Watkins, Rick Hallquist, Mark Smith, Ralph Stark, Derek Baskin DNS

Heat Two: Jason Forehand, Mike Anderson, Tom Karis, Tony Falkner, Chad Gullixson, Lucas Plank DNF

Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modified Feature: Smith, Southworth, Anderson, Truscott, Shackelton, Ellis, Koehler, Halopka, Bruggeman, Seavers, Byholm, Vernon, Hessler, Kolek, Wood, Wihren, Hanson, Booth DNF, Schill DNF, Keeney DNS, Schultz DNS

Heat One: Grant Southworth, Dave Shackelton, Nick Koehler, Tyler Vernon, Cory Bruggeman, Shane Halopka, Josh Hessler

Heat Two: Austin Ellis, Mike Truscott, Jake Smith, Tanner Byholm, Jake Hanson, Andrea Keeney DNF, Ben Shultz DNF

Heat Three: Travis Anderson, Bob Wood, Brad Seavers, Tony Schill, Karl Kolek, Charlie Wihren, Mitchell Booth

Conrad’s Auto Salvage Street Stock Feature: Hanestad, VanGilder, Fankhauser, Kiehl, Berlin, Cook, Kummer, Knudtson DNF,
Soltis DNF

Heat One: Sam Fankhauser, Cody Kummer, Ron Hanestad, Hunter VanGilder, Mike Knudtson, Adam Soltis, Kolby Kiehl, Donald Cook, Cooper Berlin

Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stock Feature: Bryan, Richards, Harman, Havel, Tisdale, Grover, Hoffman, Barte, Myers DNF

Heat One: Jesse Bryan, Brett Meyers, Jason Havel, George Richards, Ron Hoffman, Kent Harman, Cody Tisdale, Mike Grover, Jack Barte

Value Implement Hornets Feature: Jeremy Johnson, William Voeltz, Darrell Komro, Sean Svee, Jess Seim, Austin Berger, Leslie Jackson, Zach Hinshaw, Jordan Langer, Ashley Seidler, Timothy Thoennes, Bradley Hoffman, Ross Hoffman, Scott Hayden, DNF, Bradley York DNF, Dillon Pronschinske DNF, Kevin Kadinger DNS

Heat One: Voeltz, York, Jackson, Komro, Svee, Langer, Berger, Seidler, Kadinger,

Heat Two: J. Johnson, Seim, Pronschinske, Thoennes, Hinshaw, B. Hoffman, R. Hoffman, Hayden