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Presidential Planes

The first president to have his own dedicated aircraft was Franklin Roosevelt, says the Association of Mature American Citizens. He used it only twice and it was not called Air Force One way back then. It had the nickname, Sacred Cow.

Harry Truman called his plane Independence after his hometown of Independence, MO. President Eisenhower continued using Independence but added a pair of Lockheed Super Constellations to the presidential fleet. He called them Columbine One and Two. It wasn’t until 1962 that the official designation, Air Force One, was established for the aircraft whose principal passengers are U.S. presidents.

But, the first American president to take to the skies was Theodore Roosevelt on October 11, 1910, reports AMAC. Granted, Teddy was out of office at the time. It happened 18 months after he left office at an airstrip in Kinloch, a small town in Missouri.