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Anderson notches career win 100 at Red Cedar Speedway

by Brad Erickson

MENOMONIE — The threat of showers throughout the afternoon didn’t thwart a modest crowd at the Red Cedar Speedway’s night two of action in the 2015 season. Stepping Stones Food and Funds night presented by Keyes Chevrolet and Mars Racing featured the WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Late Models along with the Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stocks and Value Implement Hornets. In addition, the Pure Stocks and Hornets had their makeup features from night one.

Feature winners included AJ Diemel, Mike Anderson, Eric Olson, Shane Halopka, Cody Kummer, Mike Knopps, Jason Hovel, Bradley York, and Jeremy Johnson.

The Johnson Motors Super Stocks included heat winners Eric Olson and Mike Anderson as the front row of Rick Hallquist and Cole Spacek led them to green. Anderson quickly made his presence known as he made it three wide and drove to the lead, however after two laps, he quickly began to fade with a flat tire. Olson moved to the lead on the bottom and never looked back as he completed the sweep on the night. Jason Forehand finished a strong second as Lukas Plank, Jesse Redetzke, and the 13th starter, Gunnar Watkins finished out the top five.

The Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modifieds entered feature action with heat winners Dave Shackelton starting fourth and Kent Baxter and Shane Halopka filling out row four. Pole sitter Brad Seavers and Nick Koehler led the field to green as Koehler drove off into the lead. However, an early caution eliminated Shackelton and relegated Halopka to the rear of the field. An attempted restart was aborted as debris from Jake Olson’s car moved him to the back of the pack.

On the restart, Koehler again took the point but was challenged by Cory Bruggeman. Meanwhile, ninth starter Travis Anderson had found his way to third to make it a three car battle for the lead. On lap five, Daniel Tautges brought out another yellow and the lineup at the restart had shown Halopka was on the move, already making it to mid pack. At the green, Koehler again took the lead as Anderson moved to second and Austin Ellis to third. Soon however, all eyes were on Halopka as he mowed down the field in the high grove and closed on the front of the pack. In a three wide move, he overtook second and two laps later he caught the leader. Koehler held a one car advantage at the white flag, but Halopka had an amazing drive down the backstretch and blasted into the lead. Halopka went on to complete the last to first run, followed home by Koehler, Anderson, Bruggeman, and Ellis in the top five.

After the opening night’s amazing feature in the Tim’s Automotive Modifieds heat winners Jesse Glenz and Matt Leer were buried deep in the field and Jordan Hessler and Mike Anderson held the front row. There was no tense excitement on this night as Anderson immediately rocketed into the lead and drove cover to cover on the high side chasing and securing his 100th career feature win, winning by nearly a half a lap over second place, Modified rookie, Kerry Halopka. Ashley Anderson raced to third as Matt Leer and Cory Mahder rounded out the top five.

The T.L. Sinz Plumbing Late Models entered the track with heat winner Rick Hanestad flanking the pole sitter Jake Redetzke on the front row. Redetzke grabbed the early lead but Hanestad was able to power to the front on the high side on the track. Hanestad continued to lead until his car violently slapped the entrance of turn three wall and he was forced to retire. With Redetzke back at the point, AJ Diemel began to challenge for his second Red Cedar Speedway feature win in as many events. Diemel made a bold move diving low in turns three and four and swept into the lead and on to the eventual victory. He was followed by Redetzke, Brent Larson, and Mike Goodremote, the only remaining competitors.

The Conrad’s Auto Salvage Street Stocks took to the track with heat winner Mike Knudtson outside of Hunter VanGilder on the front row. Although there were only five cars present, they ran closely enough to cover them all with a blanket. VanGilder took the early lead with Cody Kummer setting chase. Sam Fankhauser had a tire blow out entering turn three and the resulting spin collected Adam Soltis, eliminating both contenders. The restart found Kummer in the lead as he led to the finish, followed by VanGilder and Knudtson in the top three.

The Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stocks included heat winners Jason Havel and Jesse Bryan as they were led to green by Kent Harman and Bryan. Harman immediately drove to the lead but was challenged by Mike Knopps. With Knopps high and Harman low, Nick Traynor made a bold move into turn three making it three wide for the lead. He powered underneath the leaders to the point but couldn’t finish the move and spun directly in front of the oncoming field, collecting Brett Myers. Both cars were finished for the night. After the restart, Harman and Knopps resumed their battle but Knopps made a nice cross over move for the pass on the low side and drove on to the victory. Harmon followed, along with Havel, Bryan, and Shawn Amundson filling out the top five.

The Pure Stock make up feature which was run at the beginning of the night found pole sitter Jason Havel driving to the lead but bobbling in turn three as Nick Traynor dove to the point. Kent Harman closed to challenge Traynor for the lead but Havel made an excellent move to sweep past both back to the point through turns three and four. Havel drove away from the pack to a significant margin for the win. Traynor finished second, followed by Knopps, Jesse Bryan, and Kent Harman in the top five.

A swarm of Hornets invaded the speedway as 19 Value Implement Hornets took to the feature including heat winners Jeremy Johnson, Darrell Komro, and Bradley York. Unfortunately, multiple earl incidents didn’t allow for long green flag racing as the race was cut short due to time limits. It all began as the red flag was displayed when one car started on fire before reaching the flag stand at the start of the race. On the start, another competitor slide down the backstretch sideways and amazingly, the entire field missed him and the race continued until a car lost a wheel and it went bounding down the track. The green, white, checkered restart found Bradley York the winner, followed by Johnson, William Voeltz, Leslie Jackson, and Darrell Komro.

The Hornet make up feature found sixth starting Jeremy Johnson in the lead on lap one. Scott Hayden raced to second, but slipped to fourth as Johnson stretched his lead to over a straight away. Johnson dominated for the win as William Voeltz, Bradley York, Sean Svee, and Dillon Pronschinske filled out the top five.

Red Cedar Speedway returns to racing action on Friday, May 08, 2015 as Trail Dodge Chrysler Jeep and Thunderhill Speedway brings you the WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Late Models along with the Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stocks and Value Implement Hornets.

T.L. Sinz Plumbing Late Model Feature: Diemel, Redetzke, Larson, Goodremote, Nippoldt DNF, Hanestad DNF, Green DNS

Heat One: Rick Hanestad, Jake Redetzke, Brent Larson, AJ Diemel, Greg Nippoldt, Mike Goodremote, Todd Green DNF

Tim’s Automotive Modified Feature: M. Anderson, Halopka, A. Anderson, Leer, Mahder, Hessler, Baxter, Byholm, Johnson, Hallquist, Fisher, Glenz DNF, Adams DNF, Brightbill DNF

Heat One: Jesse Glenz, Kerry Halopka, David Baxter, Jordan Hessler, Robbie Johnson, William Fisher, Don Brightbill

Heat Two: Matt Leer, William Byholm, Ashley Anderson, Mike Anderson, Cory Mahder, Kevin Adams, Steve Hallquist

Johnson Motors Super Stock Feature: Olson, Forehand, Plank, Redetzke, Watkins, Hallquist, Karis, Gullixson, Harris, Truscott, Spacek, Stark, Steffen DNF, Anderson DNF

Heat One: Eric Olson, Rick Hallquist, Cole Spacek, Tom Karis, Mike Truscott, Gunnar Watkins DNF

Heat Two: Mike Anderson, Jason Forehand, Lucas Plank, Jesse Redetzke, James Harris, Chad Gullixson, Ralph Stark

Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modified Feature: Halopka, Koehler, Anderson, Bruggeman, Ellis, Truscott, Smith, Schultz, Vernon, Seavers, Wahlstrom, Baxter, Martinson, Wihren, Tautges, Keeney, Kisling DNF, Hanson DNF, Kolek DNF, Shackelton DNF, Booth DNS

Heat One: Kent Baxter, Cory Bruggeman, Josh Wahlstrom, Adam Martinson, Ben Shultz, Shane Kisling, Tyler Vernon DNS

Heat Two: Dave Shackelton, Travis Anderson, Jake Smith, Austin Ellis, Daniel Tautges, Charlie Wihren, Mitchell Booth DNF

Heat Three: Shane Halopka, Nick Koehler, Brad Seavers, Jake Hanson, Karl Kolek, Andrea Keeney, Mike Truscott DNF

Conrad’s Auto Salvage Street Stock Feature: Kummer, VanGilder, Knudtson, Fankhauser DNF, Soltis DNF

Heat One: Mike Knudtson, Cody Kummer, Sam Fankhauser, Hunter VanGilder, Adam Soltis DNF

Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stock Feature: Knopps, Harman, Havel, Bryan, Amundson, Hoffman, Barte, Tisdale, Myers DNF, Traynor DNF

Heat One: Jason Havel, Kent Harman, Nick Traynor, Shawn Amundson, Brett Meyers

Heat Two: Jesse Bryan, Mike Knopps, Cody Tisdale, Ron Hoffman, Jack Barte

Value Implement Hornets Feature: Bradley York, Jeremy Johnson, William Voeltz, Leslie Jackson, Darrell Komro, Dillon Pronschinske, Jordan Langer, Alex Waldera, Chan Waldera, Randy Goss, Derrick Johnson, Bradley Hoffman, Zach Hinshaw, Ross Hoffman, Scott Hayden DNF, Sean Svee DNF, Austin Berger DNF, Kevin Kadinger DNF, Josh Creighton DNF

Heat One: J. Johnson, Voeltz, Berger, Svee, C. Waldera, B. Hoffman, D. Johnson DNF

Heat Two: Komro, Kadinger, Lander, Hayden, Goss, Creighton

Heat Three: York, Jackson, Pronschinske, A. Alders, Hinshaw, R. Hoffman