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School Board states mill rate will drop over time

GLENWOOD CITY— At Monday night’s school board meeting, Superintendent Tim Johnson shared positive news that after three years, the mill rate will drop from its 83 cent projection to the 60’s due to the extraordinary interest rates that are taking place at the moment.

After the first three years, the rate will fluctuate slightly by a percent or two, but will still remain significantly lower and it will then stay there for the remainder of the 17 years.

This is all due in part to the over 9 million dollar referendum that was passed on April 7.

On the topic of the referendum, the Board approved the technology project that was proposed at a cost of $207,651. This project is a complete replacement and revamp to the network.

That price also includes roughly 40 new and improved surveillance cameras that will be placed around the school.

Johnson shared that the District will pay for the entire project initially, but they will get approximately $40,000 back through an E-Rate Federal Grant.

That extra money the school is receiving is proposed to go towards new computers like Chrome books and iPads.

There was a tentative schedule discussed as well in regards to construction. There will be a concept design put in motion and then bids will go out for each project.

Once the bids are in and selected, the construction on the referendum items is set to go under way at the start of 2016.

The projected date of completion is before the 2016-17 school year begins, so roughly end of August, 2016.

In other news, the Board approved the resignation by Dana Maney as the Director of Special Education.

She will be leaving after this school year and her position is currently under discussion by the Administration and Board as to how it will be filled.

In the sports world, it was reported that the WIAA officially approved the move of Durand into the Dunn-St. Croix Conference and St. Croix Central will move out. This fall Durand will start into the athletic schedule.

At the start of the meeting the Board elected Charles Rasmussen as President, Judy Achterhof as the Vice President, John Logghe as the Treasurer and Lori Klinger as the Clerk. Each ballot was cast and closed unanimously.