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Local historical society is beneficiary of Peterson estate

GLENWOOD CITY — It was learned that the Glenwood Area Historical Society is a beneficiary of the estate of the Wayne L. Peterson. Peterson, who was one of the founders of the Society some 14 years ago, left part of his estate to the organization. Peterson passed away on February 28, 2015.

The Society held their spring meeting and program Sunday, April 26 at the Glenwood City Community Center. During that meeting, Joan Bartz gave a report to the membership that the Historical Society will receive twenty-five percent of Peterson’s estate. The rest of the estate will go to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Foundation.

When Peterson retired from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, he returned to his home, Valley View Farm, in the Township of Glenwood. He turned the Century Farm into a show place for the community. Summer music concerts were held at the farm, and they were open to the public. There were also weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and other community events held there.

The farm also showcased flower gardens, farm equipment of the past and Peterson had the former Sunny Slope school moved to his farm and restored it to what it would have been as an operating school. That building was originally located in Forest Township as the Roosevelt School (from 1923 to 1937) and then moved to the Town of Glenwood as Sunny Slope (from 1946 to 1957) and in 1958 in became the Glenwood Town Hall, serving the town until 2007.

At the Historical Society meeting, Bartz told the group that it was their hope to continue with the summer music concerts for this year and hopefully they can work with the UW-RF foundation in an attempt to continue those concerts beyond this year.

She indicated that they are looking for volunteers to help with mowing the grass and planting flowers for this season. If you are interested in helping out, please contact David Bartz at 715-607-1213.