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Ostness named ‘Friend of Public Health for 2015’

Each year St. Croix County Public Health recognizes someone who has been an exceptional partner within our community. The persons chosen for this recognition exemplify dedication to promoting health and preventing disease. This is the 16th year we have given this award and we are pleased to announce our ‘Friend of Public Health for 2015’ is Dave Ostness, the Vice-chair of the St. Croix County Board of Supervisors. He was chosen for this award because he really cares about the health of all of his constituents, especially those who are most vulnerable. As one staff member noted, “Dave routinely visits the public health department, asks questions and keeps us on our toes”.

The Friend of Public Health award is given every year during National Public Health Week. Deb Lindemann, St. Croix County Health Officer states, “This year’s National Public Health week’s theme is ‘making the U.S. the Healthiest Nation in one generation’. We do this by taking a personal pledge to live healthier lives and by building partnerships to form healthier neighborhoods. This aligns with St. Croix County’s Public Health Department’s mission and vision of ‘healthy people creating healthy communities’. Dave is a concerned and loyal supporter of Public Health and the work we do. He enthusiastically works with us in preparedness activities and assists us in promoting prevention programs county-wide”.

We want to recognize and thank Dave Ostness for his contributions to St. Croix County Public Health. He is truly an advocate for everyone who resides in our county.