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City Council okays sewer treatment plant facilitiy plan study

GLENWOOD CITY—The City Council approved moving ahead with a project for the completion of a Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility plan that is compliant with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the USDA.

Kevin Oium of Cedar Corporation presented the scope of service to complete the plan by the October 1st deadline. He presented the council with five-page document that outlined what was to take place and the cost of completion of the plan.

Oium informed the council that the plan would take five to six months to complete. The plan will address many items with the treatment facility, some of which include: Complete a summary of wastewater flows and loadings based upon the last three years of operational data, develop average and peak wastewater flows and loading and sludge generation rates.

Other items include analyze wastewater flows to determine the need for analysis and sewer system evaluation, plan with the Regional Planning committee to confirm sewer service area population projection for the next 20-years and estimate future wastewater flows and pollutant loadings and among other items to evaluate potential alternatives to meet the future wastewater needs of the sewer service area in addition to mandated alternative, and determine the design limit of the present facility.

Alternative items to be evaluated include the construction of a new treatment facility at a new site or upgrading, expanding, or replacing existing unit treatment processes at the existing plant site.

The council approved the plan, which will cost the city some $33,175.00. In seconding the motion to accept the plan study, council member Terry Klinger noted, “we have no other choice.” During the discussion about the plan Mayor John Larson informed the council that he wants to involve Downing in this issue as soon as possible. Larson said the scope of the plan would include a flow meter for the village to ensure an accurate reading of the village’s input into the treatment facility.