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My Valentine Message by Dorothy Burton

My Valentine Message
a poem by Dorothy Burton

My heart sends out it’s love
That comes from God above
It’s sent with joy and peace
And some kindness, just released
To make your day a little brighter
And your thoughts a little lighter
God has in heaven, a treasure chest
And so many are already blest,
He still has an abundant supply
And there are gifts for you and I.
The Holy Spirit is drawing near
To take away the doubts and fear
With His gifts, and hidden treasures
He will fill us with good measure
If we seek, we shall find.
God is good and very kind.

Dorothy Burton
Feb. 2015

But if we want to be saved, we have to ask Jesus, the Savior, to forgive our sins, and come into our heart to live. Nothing will save us but the blood of Christ – “He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man cometh to the Father but by Him” St John 14:6  in the Bible. Jesus paid the price on the cross for us to get to heaven, if we accept Him.