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Boyceville MS Science Olympiad wins Regional Team Championship

BOYCEVILLE – Boyceville’s Middle School Science Olympiad team finished as the Science Olympiad West Regional Champion team last Saturday, earning medals in 15 events and scoring 94 total points.

Regional championship gold medals were earned by ninth grader Casey Owen and sixth grader Nathan Corr in both Elastic Launch Glider and Road Scholar, Owen and seventh-grader Cade Klefstad in Robo-Cross, Owen and seventh-grader Emma Bygd in Bottle Rockets, eighth graders Mark Timper and Sarah Kapsner in both Crime Busters and Can’t Judge a Powder, Timper and seventh grader Tyra Kostman in Anatomy & Physiology, Timper and seventh grader Caitlyn Pelikan in Crave the Wave, and sixth graders Samuel Chich and Nathaniel Chich in Air Trajectory.

Silver medals were earned by sixth grader Connor Sempf and seventh grader Brendan Sempf in Elastic Launch Glider, Klefstad and Corr in Air Trajectory, and Owen and Corr in Bridge Building.

Bronze medals were earned by seventh grader Ana Evenson and Timper in Bio-Process Lab, Evenson and Kostman in Write It, Do It, ninth graders Mariah Drury and Luke Knudtson in entomology, Owen and Timper in Meteorology, Pelikan and seventh grader Noelle Wheeldon in Solar System, and Sempf and Sempf in Robo-Cross.

A fourth place medal was earned by Chich and Chich in Bridge Building. Fifth place ribbons were earned by Evenson and Pelikan in Disease Detectives and Evenson, Pelikan, and Wheeldon in Picture This. A sixth place ribbon was earned by Knudtson and seventh grader Logan Knudtson. Seventh place ribbons were earned by sixth grader Brady Helland and Connor Sempf in Anatomy & Physiology and Evenson, Kostman, and Bygd in Experimental Design.

“Our students have worked hard for the past couple of months up to this result” said Boyceville Science Olympiad head coach Andy Hamm. “Every student really stepped up and delivered high finishes across the board, and the level of student enthusiasm was outstanding. I am proud of all of the hard work and preparation on the part of the students. We will continue to work hard to prepare for the state tournament and see what happens in Oshkosh next month”

Boyceville Science Olympiad is coached by Andy Hamm and Steve Duerst.

Final Team Results
WI West Regional Tournament
MS Division (Div B)
1. Boyceville Varsity-Purple 94
2. Menomonie Maroon 104
3. Medford Red 142
4. Madison Eagle A 147
5. Medford White 180
6. Rice Lake 192
7. Menomonie White 197
8 Sparta STEM Red 211
9. New Richmond Black 235
10. Stanley-Boyd Black 246
11. Madison Eagle B 253
12. New Richmond Orange 293
13. Marshfield 307
14. Menomonie Gold 307
15. Stanley-Boyd Orange 308
16. Sparta STEM Gold 317
17. Spring Valley 345
18. Boyceville JV-Blue 394
19. Butternut 398
20. Boyceville JV-Red 400